Pancake and Pancake - Part 1

Who: Justin Pancake and an other Justin Pancake
Where: Blue Dwarf Prime
When: After
Justin looked round to see someone stood in the entrance with a plasma
pistol raised. It was a duplicate of Justin himself, but wearing leather.
Justin immediately knew that this duplicate of himself from another
dimension was behind all the killings, and the reason why he had tried
to kill everyone and kidnap Jay.
He knew this because the other Justin told him, without using words.
As they ran towards the hangerbay, Justin realised that his alternate
was a lot fitter than he was. "Wait up!" He said. "Do you like... go
to the gym or something?"
His alternate stopped and looked at him with some sort of pity. He
didn't say anything, not even telepathically as he had been doing so
far. He just looked at Justin with disgust. Then her turned and ran again.
"Hey, what was that look for?" Justin asked. "You just looked like you
were going to kick the crap outta me, I thought you came here to save
me. You did come her to save me didn't you?"
The other Justin stopped and faced him. He was wearing a full leather
coat with a hood that was over his head. It made him look like a
villain from dungeons and dragons or something.
Then the alternate said something. He actually spoke, with words and
everything. "I came to get you because the General wants to see you."
"Oh." Said Justin. "Nice." Then he thought for a moment. "This
General... does he have a name?"
The other Justin didn't say anything, but carried on running.
They got to the flightdeck and saw that several Hymenoptera ships had
landed. Security guards were crouched behind barrels, shooting the
"Quick get down!" Said Justin. "It's the Hymenoptera!"
His double from an alternate dimension shot him a look as if to keep
quiet, and he strolled out into the flight deck without fear.
"Hey. How come the Hymenoptera aren't attacking you." Said Justin.
Then he noticed as several of the dog-sized creatures with four legs
and more teeth than the Jackson 5 weren't attacking him either. One
jumped up at a Security Guard, it's little wings fluttered to give it
a jump longer than an athlete. It hit him in the face and started to
tear his nose and eyes out.
"Niiiiiice." Said Justin, almost gagging. Then he tugged on his
alternate's leather cloak, making him stop again. Which he didn't look
too happy about.
"What!" The man snapped.
"Your boss. This...'General'. Is it Evil Jay by any chance?"
The alternate Justin sighed and crossed his arms as the battle around
them continued. "Oh you are very smary aren't you." He said
sarcastically. "Of course I'm working for Evil Jay. But not directly.
Do you think little people like us get to talk to the Emperor directly?"
"Well no! The Emperor has a lot of people working for him. Some of
them are Hymenoptera... some are like me."
"And what is the General?"
"He's both."
"What?" Said Justin. "Is he Hymenoptera or is he a Human?"
"Both." Said the alternate Justin, and carried on walking towards a
Blue Midget. "You'll see soon." he shouted, and urged Justin to follow
<to be continued>

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