Dysart, Lester- 'Break out, break up, break down' Part 1

Who: Dysart, Lester and SNIDE
Where: Starbug, en route to the giant evil space ship
When: 10 minutes after previous post
Jayne had seen better days.
In many ways she wondered how it had come to this. Sure, she consorted
with the hymenoptera once. Things had changed since then! She was one
of the good guys.
They always won, right?
Evidently not... to end like this... in a prison, tortured by a guy
with a hammier accent than William Shatner's dyslexic clone.
Tortured and then killed, every last one of them. They killed off the
singing guy first but she felt that was less to do with orders and
more to do with that the other Jays would've broken out and killed him
themselves if they didn't do it first.
Suddenly a loud thud reverberated around the room, followed by
another, and the door itself shuddered.
This was shortly followed by a prolonged groan of pain.
"What yonder sound beckoned without of dread portal?" 'evil'
Shakespeare, who was holding a platter of assorted foodstuffs for the
Jay's last meal gestured to the guards who readied their 'weapons'.
Jayne didn't want to think about it.
Then the door to the prison block began to hiss. Around the edges the
Hymenopteran bulkhead-flesh began to slowly liquefy. A single curious
guard approached the door; its gun ready. Which, as it turned out, was
a really bad idea.
With another massive clang the door flung off its hinges, crushing the
alien guard like a bug beneath a particularly large black Doc Marten boot.
Left legs extended in united kicking, two humans leaped through the
door wearing shit-faced grins and holding hooch-powered super soakers
to match.
"Happy hour!" They chorused and expertly hosed down the remaining
Hymenoptera jailers. Ten short seconds later and the Hymenoptera
guards, that had been abusing them for the past day were squelching
around in circles as they were swiftly reduced to a thin green and
brown paste.
This was wildly approved of by the surrounding Jays who gave out
footy-worthy cheers and great whoops of glee at the sudden excess of
Circling the room slowly and cautious Jayne managed to make out her
apparent rescuers. One was slightly shorter than the other, wearing
undeniably JMC-issued sports fatigues along with an oddly Grey
medium-length haircut. The other was wearing a long white science
coat, walking with a slight limp, his hair was even more wild and
brown but his eyes gleamed and when he wasn't grinning his eyes had a
flat, dead look to them.
Both pleased, they shouted 'clear' to each other then regrouped in the
middle of the room. Most of the prisoners had suddenly began to stomp
rapidly on the ground, possibly hoping that they would do something
even MORE violent next.
"Told you it was too thick," Dysart sneered with a superior grin and
tapped the tank of his Super Soaker.
Lester didn't react, but gave a light: "It worked in the end didn't it?"
"Don't change the subject need to go easier on the wild fire! We're
done to the chick drinks!"
"YOU'RE lecturing ME on accuracy? I notice it's been easily ten
minutes since you last shot me."
"Ah, quiet you," The robot waved his hand dismissively and turned his
attention to the small robot on the technician's shoulder. "SNIDE, try
and pop those gates open."
The tiny robot curled two of it legs together in a reasonable
impression of someone folding their arms and looked away from Dysart.
Lester grinned, "SNIDE, could you please release the prisoners?" He
asked smoothly while pulling a can of Coors from his bandoleer.
SNIDE gave a quick chirp before snatching the can on the pull tab.
Leaping off his shoulder he scurried over to the door locks while the
former janitor could only glower.
Meanwhile, forgotten in the middle of the carnage, a man impeccably
dressed... had he lived 5 centuries ago stared idiotically at the two
men. The platter in his shivering hands now began to shake violently
as Dysart and Lester suddenly noticed him.
"Who the...? How did you get out? Did they get a Jay from the 16th
century?" Already Dysart was starting to get images of a steam punk
Blue dwarf; which was smegging *awesome*.
"Cruel and unusual torture no doubt. Dressed him up to look like an
idiot then make him feed the other prisoners with..." Lester paused
and an eyebrow went up, "...free ammo" Lester's voice held a semblance
of surprise. He'd found alcohol on a Hymenoptera ship in the hands of
what appeared to be the Court jester. He snatched the bottles from the
platter and shoved them snugly into his bandoleer.
"Oi! That's our last meal!!" A closer Jay with a pair of boxers on his
head yelled out at Lester. He turned to regard this particularly
Chrysler with impassive eyes.
"Shut up!" Dysart snapped, pulling attention back to him. "All of you,
listen to me- we don't have much time-..."
In between the withering glare of the Jay copy and Dysart's long
winded speech, Lester ducked away from the slowly gathering group of
escapees. His legs pulled him closer to the current cell Snide was
attempting to pry open.
Inside a girl lay prone in the cell strapped to a hard bed of some
sort. Her arms bound above her head in biological manacles, gave the
impression of an abused puppet. Lester placed a hand on the door of
the cell. She noticed his approach, weakly raising her head in response.
Lester eyes narrowed momentarily as he recognized her. His hand went
to his coat pocket where the photo of 'Jayne' lay.
<To be continued>

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