Dysart, Lester- 'Break out, break up, break down' Part 2

Who: Dysart, Lester, SNIDE and Jayne
Where: Prison chambers
When: seconds after previous post
"SNIDE! Hurry up and get this one open," he called over to his small
Snide abandoned his current job of freeing chimpanzee Jay, the ape was
clearly not amused and started to hoot and scream while throwing his
faeces at the prisoner in the next cell.
SNIDE quickly ducked into the cell lock and with a long acidic growl
he quickly ducked out.
Lester eased the cell open. Pulling out his soaker he planted the
muzzle in his hand and squirted into his palms. He then flicked the
alcohol onto her bindings which began to hiss angrily. He pulled the
clamps away and helped Jayne to her feet.
"How are you?" Lester asked gently, rubbing her icy shoulders and
face. His cold hand was startling to touch and shook her out of
whatever stupor the last round of torture had left her in. Meanwhile
the hand absorbed bio-sensing data and fed it to Lester's brain. He
scowled as the list of injuries was displayed.
"Uhhhhhh... who..." She croaked wearily.
"It's okay; you're going to be alright."
Jayne eye's snapped open, she took a few seconds to focus, but
deciding that he was human (or close enough) she groggily wrapped her
arms around him and held onto him with all her meager strength.
"Hey Lester! Did you get all that?" Dysart yelled back into the cell.
"No, could I have the short version?" Lester admitted while leading
Jayne out of the cell.
"You're going to get back to the Starbug, one of the Jays here can hot
wire the engines to the cannons so it can blow a hole in the side
while I-..."
"Save the hostages? Blow stuff up? The usual. We should all just get
out of here," he implored his compatriot.
Dysart considered the girl slowly. Suddenly his face froze as though
he only just remembered something. His head snapped towards Shakespeare.
"Wait a minute... I remember you. You're not a Jay- you were
registered as someone else on board the blue dwarf."
The faux-playwright's face slowly morphed into an nervous smile; his
feet slowly shuffled backwards. "I-I'm only a prisoner of yonder foul
beasts! T'was a
choice twain death and life itself!"
"He's our torturer." One of the Jays said darkly, glaring at their
foe. "None of them lift a claw against him."
"So you're a traitor..." Dysart stated smoothly but with no small
amount of malice.
"But we are in the belly of the beast! Shouldth we refuse them then
death would-!"
Shakespeare's voice began to hike.
"Are you a human or Hymenopteran?!" Dysart pressed furiously, losing
all pretense of civility.
"Dysart," Lester said softly, warningly.
"A man! I hath always been but a man-!" the doctor's hands waved about
fearfully like an orchestral conductor trying to keep 20/20 time.
BAM! Dysart's hand was still, the gun tip glowed red and Shakespeare's
eyes rolled upwards as if trying to look into the hole in his head.
The 'man' then collapsed to the ground, dead.
"-Just wanted to know what to kill you with," Dysart said.
All the Jays in the room took a single step back from the homicidal robot.
"Anyone else unsure about their loyalties?" Dysart snarled, twirling
the pistol around his holographic finger.
Lester stared quietly at Dysart, then stammered: "b-but you killed him."
He felt a familiar weight on his shoulder as SNIDE lept upon it;
whatever occurred didn't seem to bother the little robot. "You chose a
fine time to speak up," Lester snarled back at himself, his eyes not
leaving Dysart. "Sorry," Lester whined in reply to himself, "I've been
having the most awful processor lagÂ…"
"We're splitting up." The AI stated firmly.
"W-what?" Lester asked, still steadying the barely conscious Jayne as
best he could.
"We where lucky enough to get to the cells in time but now they're
going to be breathing down our neck at any moment." He flicked the cap
off a West coast before shoving it into his super soaker's reservoir.
"I'm going to play as the bait."
"W-we're leaving you behind?" The multiple personality victim said in
shock. More firmly he answered himself: "He was always intending to."
"It's part of the plan Lester. Someone has to say behind; someone
"W-w-we can't-!"
"Look at her, look at them! You won't last three hours on this ship.
You have to go."
Dysart then leveled his pistol at Lester.
"Or I'll save them the trouble and kill you now."
Lester smiled at the threat, "You love waving that thing at people
don't you? One would think you were compensating for the lack of
Dysart shrugged but managed a wane smile, "I've got to admit it's
kinda habit forming."
The Robot's ear twitched as he heard a distant noise, his head
twisting towards the cells behind Lester.
"They're coming. It's time to go." Dysart said, slowly inching towards
him. A cold bony hand turned Lester towards the door but never took
his eyes away from his apparent target.
"Good luck," Lester turned and shook Dysart warmly by the hand.
The series 10 robot pulled his arm away and opened the palm of his
hand. To his surprise and slight horror, SNIDE sat in it with a
definite glare, staring up at him
"Y-you better get him back to me in once piece!" Lester said as he
walked away. "Let's go," Lester then said in his other voice to the
With an enormous crash the wall to the chimp Jay's cell was vaporised.
Cheetah's action hero Cousin died very quickly and in the place of the
smoke, prime-ape and prime-ape faeces was a Hymenoptera kill team.
With a flick of his metal wrist Dysart sent a 16th century dinner
table onto its side (which is harder than it sounds.) A hiss of a
servo motor and he pulled down behind his improvised cover while his
hands began to pump his Super Soaker up vigorously.
His head twisted back to them, offering them a single word: "MOVE!!"
<Tag Lester and anyone else who wants to join the escape.>
OOC: Broken up due to EXTREEEEEME Length

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