Assault on the Thorax.

The Thorax's starboard landing bay was awash with violence.
Canaries and Security officers were mixed with Hymenopteran
warriors, fighting an intense battle.
The Vespidae hovered a few feet from the ground, it's docking plank
raising to seal it's interior off from the defending insectoid
aliens, and Amber, piloting it set it on a slow rotation, it's main
cannons firing off volley after volley of fire into the larger
swarms of enemies and in the centre of one of stronger Hymenopteran
legions stood the remarkable EVE-1 battlesuit, which contained a
very smegged off Captain Chrysler.
A swing from the machines mighty right arm lifted a Stag-Beetle
soldier clean into the air and over Jay's shoulder and into the path
of Amber's cannon, pocking the creature with dozens on holes before
it fell to the floor with a loud splattering sound.
He spun 180 degrees seconds before he would have been impaled by a
soldier ant who's mandibles had hundreds diamond-like teeth around
their outer-edges which spun wildly around the outside of it's claws
like a pair of chainsaws. "Nice gimmick!" Jay snarled, "But I've got
one too!" he lifted his left arm, the blade of his chainsword
emerging from within the battlesuit's forearm and fitting snugly
over his fist, revving loudly, he brought his blade up to block the
chain-jaw attack in an instant and the two weapons clashed noisily.
Jay used every ounce of the machines strength, plus a little of his
own to fight off the powerful alien, but it wasn't budging. The two
were locked in a chainsaw duel. Jay dare not back down, but if he
wasn't careful one of the ant's comrades would come up behind him
and finish him off without so much as batting an eyelid.
Fortunately for Chrysler, he didn't have to worry about this for
long as a member of the Canary platoon sent a poorly-aimed, but well
timed sniper shot firing across the hangar bay where it skimmed the
face of Jay's sparring partner, distracting it enough to lose it's
concentration just for a second and allow Jay the advantage, his
Chainsword sliced through the creature like a hot knife through
butter and it fell to the floor in two, rather messy halves.
"Thanks" Jay yelled across the hangar bay, via the suit's PA system
to the assisting Canary, but watched as he was impaled by the claws
of a beetle-creature as he attempted to reload his weapon.
"Jay!" Came Amber's voice over the EVE-1's internal speakers. "Not
that it's my place to tell you what to do or anything but you need
"I'm moving!" came Jay's reply, as he battered, blasted and bombed
his way through the heaving mass of giant insectoid warriors toward
the Hangar bay doors and into the main body of the ship.
And then, the chaos stopped. As suddenly as it had started when the
Blue Dwarf primes surprise attack had started, it stopped, and the
Hymenopteran forces dropped their weapons and began acting
erratically. Walking into walls, lying on their backs and spinning
mindlessly, one of them had even started wagging it's stinger tail
and playing fetch with a security officer. Unfortunately for Ensign
Carmichael, the hornet alien had grabbed the fragmentation grenade
he'd thrown, brought it back and dropped it at his feet, and wagged
it's stinger excitedly for Carmichael to throw it again. Then
exploded, rather promptly, along with the luckless Ensign before
he'd even realised what was happening.
"What's going on?" Major Harris asked
"Who cares?" Jay replied, making a dash for the exit. "They've
stopped fighting back, that's all that matters."
"They're hive connection must have been severed" Amber said "It
won't take long for them to re-adjust. 30 minutes, tops."
"That's all the time I need…" Jay said over the EVE's radio as he
disappeared around the door "Amber, get everyone aboard and get out
of here before they snap out of it. And get a message to any other
allies that might be aboard to evacuate ASAP."
"What about you?"
"I have some unfinished business…"
"But can't…."
It was no use, Jay had cut the channel.
< to be continued>

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