*ACTION* Cut off the head of the Snake.......

Jay hadn't been completely honest with anyone since his ordeal 3 years ago.
Everyone knew how Jay's body had been possessed with the still living conciousness of the believed dead Evil Jay, how his personality survived intact, but dormant within the Hymenoptera hive mind after he was killed by Jay years before. Sure, everyone knew how he'd slowly taken control of Jay, imprisoning him within his own mind and using his name to inflict genocidal atrocities on the galaxy.
Everyone knew how Jay had witnessed the whole ordeal as an outsider inside his own head seeing through his own eyes, but being as unable to interact with the outside world as someone watching a Television was unable to interact with the characters in the show.
Everyone knew that for the most part Jay had no recollection of any of Evil Jays memories.
Or so they thought.
Jay had always maintained, even to those closest to him, Katrina, Phil, Tara, Vanessa and Dean that he remembered nothing apart from what Evil Jay had done. He'd said he'd had no memory of the hive structure, of  Hymeonpteran strategies and tactics, remembered nothing of value about the man who was now Emperor Jay Chrysler.
That was all a lie. He'd not wanted people to think of him as a threat, so he'd kept it to himself. He didn't remember everything, certainly nowhere near as much Amber, who was an active participant, however drug-addled she may have been, unlike himself, who was there, merely as an observer.
But he had remembered a few vital pieces of information, such as the layout of the Thorax which right now was guiding him as he pelted full speed along the ships corridors in the Eve-1, heading toward the control centre of the alien flagship.
Much of the ship was organic, blended harmoniously with the inorganic. Areas where human allies, in other words Evil Jay and Amber would be vulnerable were heavily shielded with the inorganic and the control centre was no exception and Jay now faced a 6" thick steel door which separated him from the control room inside. Luckily, this was no match for the power of Jay's exo-suit and he thrust his hands forward, forcing a gap between the doors just wide enough for the EVE's hands to fit between then and tore the doors apart.
"You wanted to see me?" he said, as he stepped through the now redundant armoured hatch and Evil Jay turned to face him.
Queen Amber, who was standing at the tactical console just to Jay's right screeched wildly and threw herself at Jay, Jay deflected her with a well timed swipe of his arm, and knocked the Hymenoptera-human hybrid out of the air and slamming her hard into the bulkhead rendering her unconcious.
"So this is it, is it?" Evil Jay said calmly. "Come to finish me off?"
"That's the idea."
"I see you've brought your toy..hardly seems fair...."
"Oh believe me" Jay said "I have no intention of using the Eve. I want your blood on my hands...I want to smell it...." Jay's eyes narrowed. He could feel pure undiluted rage flowing through every vain. Normally, he'd control it, normally he'd stop it from taking him over completely but not today....
The cockpit of the exo-suit hissed open and Jay climbed out, Evil Jay watching his every move.
Jays feet hit the floor and he stood, staring back at his counterpart from the other end of the control centre.
"I must admit, I never took you for a coward, but I never thought you'd be this stupid either" Evil Jay said as he slowly drew his trademark katana from his hip-slung scabbard.
Evil Jay held his sword high, and charged at Jay who held fast.
"I'm not!" he eventually yelled, as he tapped a button on the Eve's remote control unit on his hip and a similar blade to Evil Jay's was ejected from a small cargo hatch atop the immense suit, Jay leapt into the air, catching the weapon skillfully in his left hand, twirling it once and and bringing it level with his face just as Evil Jay arrived. Their swords clashed and both men were looking each other dead in the eye, their swords the only thing that separated them.
"If you think you can best me in single combat, you're gravely mistaken" Evil Jay said. "I'm a master of the blade, and all known forms of hand to hand combat"
"Yeah..." Jay replied "Well I guess i learned something from you."
Jay was bluffing. He'd retained some of Evil Jay's swordsmanship, and he was no stranger to a fight himself, but he knew he was no match for the Emperor. But that didn't matter.  Evil Jay was unlikely to call his bluff, and Jay hoped that the Hymenoptera would not recover from their hive 'downtime' quick enough to prevent the Blue Dwarf fighters from destroying the Thorax. All Jay needed to do was distract Evil Jay long enough to stop him from getting into an escape pod.
The two man grimaced as they stared menacingly into each others eyes, until Evil Jay, the stronger of the two took Jay by surprise with a sudden burst of strength that pushed Jay, and toppled him to his feet.
Evil Jay stood over him, sword raised above his head.
"you call that a fight?" he screamed, his voice filled with malice. "I'd hoped you'd prove a more worthy opponent than this!" he brought his sword down, but Jay was ready and blocked the attack with his own blade then swept his legs in a wide arc, kicking Evil Jays legs out from beneath him, sending him to the floor.
He was already back on his feet by the time that Jay was, and was quick enough to block a frenzied series of attacks from Jay, each clashing of the swords echoing noisiliy around the empty room.
Evil Jay grabbed Jay by the collar and dragged him toward him so that they were face to face, then using his other hand, lifted his sword and brought the hilt down hard on Jay's head, Jay stumbled backward, but didn't hit the ground and came at his doppleganger again with another attack, this time, making contact and slicing a deep gash across Evil Jay's chest.
"So! There is some fight in you after all!" Evil Jay said, with a malicious glee, blocking another parry from Jay. 
The fight went on for what felt like hours, what was likely only a few minutes never seemed to end, both men clashing swords, taking the odd slice out of each other but neither really having the advantage, until Evil Jay got lucky, and tripped Jay, sending him the ground and pinning him. 
Evil Jay leant over Jay. "So it comes to this...all that you've fought for, all that you've believed in all for nothing..."
Jay said nothing, he was looking at something over his aggressors shoulder. "You could have been so much more....why settle for being the captain of a worthless space-faring scrap-heap when you could have been the ruler of the entire galaxy?!"
"I couldn't deal with the paperwork" Jay replied casually. 
"You chose to put everyone else first your entire life, and never consider what you wanted...well...look where it's got you now..."
Evil Jay raised his left arm to deliver the killing blow. 
"It got me right where I wanted to be, and you along with me..."
Jay nodded to gesture over Evil Jay's shoulder, an immense smirk on his face. 
"You think I'd fall for..." Evil Jay was interuppted by the ships proximity alarm. "No...." he said as he turned his head away from jay to see what he was looking at. 
Throught the forward viewport, Alota's Blue Dwarf could be seen. On a direct collision course with the Thorax. It was mere metres away, there was no way the Thorax could avoid it. HOW COULD EVIL JAY HAVE LET THIS HAPPEN?!
He didn't get much time to ponder it, as Jay, taking advantage of the distraction kicked out, knocking evil Jay to the floor and making drop his sword. Jay picked it up, and drove the blades of both swords hard into Evil Jays's shoulders, pinning him to the floor.
"You're not getting away this time" Jay said, "It's over."
Seconds later, the ramscoops of Alota's ship punctured the Thorax's outer hull and crumpled under the impact as the control centre decompressed and was crushed beneath the sheer mass of the Blue Dwarf.
Flames erupted from the main reacotrs of both ships filling the corridors with toxic flames, and eventually both vessels exploded in white hot fireballs..........
***6 hours later***   
"kkkkrrkkssssssshhhhhhhhh I think....krrrrkkkkkrkrkkkkk..yes....krrk..yes we've found him! krrrkkk..."
Amber's voice was broken by static, but sure enough Jay recognised it as he awoke from unconciousness inside the drifing Eve-1.
He'd managed to escape the Thorax just in time by getting back into the exosuit and throwing himself into an airlock, the suit's thrusters had burned out leaving him floating out in space.
"Captain, this is Commander Keats....come in sir."
"Amber, I'm here..what happened?"
"We did it sir, we won. Alota sent all but a skeleton crew to the other Dwarve's. She stopped him sir."
"Amber.." Jay said "Let's get the smeg home,,,,"
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The Thorax's starboard landing bay was awash with violence. Canaries and Security officers were mixed with Hymenopteran warriors, fighting an intense battle.The Vespidae hovered a few feet from the ground, it's docking plank raising to seal it's interior off from the defending insectoid aliens, and Amber, piloting it set it on a slow rotation, it's main cannons firing off volley after volley of fire into the larger swarms of enemies and in the centre of one of stronger Hymenopteran legions stood the remarkable EVE-1 battlesuit, which contained a very smegged off Captain Chrysler. A swing from the machines mighty right arm lifted a Stag-Beetle soldier clean into the air and over Jay's shoulder and into the path of Amber's cannon, pocking the creature with dozens on holes before it fell to the floor with a loud splattering sound. He spun 180 degrees seconds before he would have been impaled by a soldier ant who's mandibles had hundreds diamond-like teeth around their outer-edges which spun wildly around the outside of it's claws like a pair of chainsaws. "Nice gimmick!" Jay snarled, "But I've got one too!" he lifted his left arm, the blade of his chainsword emerging from within the battlesuit's forearm and fitting snugly over his fist, revving loudly, he brought his blade up to block the chain-jaw attack in an instant and the two weapons clashed noisily. Jay used every ounce of the machines strength, plus a little of his own to fight off the powerful alien, but it wasn't budging. The two were locked in a chainsaw duel. Jay dare not back down, but if he wasn't careful one of the ant's comrades would come up behind him and finish him off without so much as batting an eyelid. Fortunately for Chrysler, he didn't have to worry about this for long as a member of the Canary platoon sent a poorly-aimed, but well timed sniper shot firing across the hangar bay where it skimmed the face of Jay's sparring partner, distracting it enough to lose it's concentration just for a second and allow Jay the advantage, his Chainsword sliced through the creature like a hot knife through butter and it fell to the floor in two, rather messy halves."Thanks" Jay yelled across the hangar bay, via the suit's PA system to the assisting Canary, but watched as he was impaled by the claws of a beetle-creature as he attempted to reload his weapon. "Jay!" Came Amber's voice over the EVE-1's internal speakers. "Not that it's my place to tell you what to do or anything but you need to MOVE YOUR ASS!!" "I'm moving!" came Jay's reply, as he battered, blasted and bombed his way through the heaving mass of giant insectoid warriors toward the Hangar bay doors and into the main body of the ship.And then, the chaos stopped. As suddenly as it had started when the Blue Dwarf primes surprise attack had started, it stopped, and the Hymenopteran forces dropped their weapons and began acting erratically. Walking into walls, lying on their backs and spinning mindlessly, one of them had even started wagging it's stinger tail and playing fetch with a security officer. Unfortunately for Ensign Carmichael, the hornet alien had grabbed the fragmentation grenade he'd thrown, brought it back and dropped it at his feet, and wagged it's stinger excitedly for Carmichael to throw it again. Then exploded, rather promptly, along with the luckless Ensign before he'd even realised what was happening. "What's going on?" Major Harris asked"Who cares?" Jay replied, making a dash for the exit. "They've stopped fighting back, that's all that matters.""They're hive connection must have been severed" Amber said "It won't take long for them to re-adjust. 30 minutes, tops.""That's all the time I need…" Jay said over the EVE's radio as he disappeared around the door "Amber, get everyone aboard and get out of here before they snap out of it. And get a message to any other allies that might be aboard to evacuate ASAP.""What about you?""I have some unfinished business…" "But Captain..you can't…."It was no use, Jay had cut the channel. < to be continued>

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