Wolfgang Sweetsly – things only just get worse before they get bett

(OCC I found out I had spelt my charicters name wrong so Im reposting)
Who: Wolfgang Sweetsly
Where: On the Blue Dwarf several minutes just before its crew were captured.
Wolfgang Sweetsly was walking alone down a corridor somewhere within blue dwarf
and headed in the direction of his quarters.
He then approached the door to his quarters and opened it and then went inside,
it had been quite awhile since he had been last backing his quarters he thought
as he glanced around but surprisingly there was a speck of dust anywhere to be
Wolfgang then walked over to a panel on the wall and press the button on the top
left corner of the panel which wished open to reveal some kind of shrine to
David Hasselhoff who he personally thought was practically like a god.
He reached in and picked up a photo of David Hasselhoff next to the Knight Rider
car and then placed it in his wallet.
He then closed panel and punched his fist in the air shouting at the top of his
lungs as loud as he was able the word HASSELHOFF, then turned taking its heels
together and exited his quarters.
Wolfgang then turned left and headed in the general direction of the blue
dwarf's bridge and as he got closer he suddenly thought he could hear a strange
buzzing noise coming from somewhere nearby, he looked about him and couldn't see
anything but could still hear the strange buzzing noise so he stuck one of his
little fingers in one hears of his years and waggled it about a bit to see if
that would stop the buzzing, this however had no effect on the buzzing at all,
it seemed in fact to increase the strange buzzing noise and this time he saw
what was making the buzzing noise and broke into a run as several strange
floating devices homed in on his position.
Wolfgang as he sprinted from the strange floating devices hoping that the
athletic classes he took in his youth would be able to help him indeed the
strange devices he ran past the vending machine which he ducked down behind at
the last minute in town for several darts to vote into the machine, he then bang
away from the vending machine opening locker door as he ran past to block
several more darts but as he got near the door to blue dwarf bridge at the third
in the small of his back sending him hurtling forward arms and legs splayed out
and disappeared in a bright haze.
Due to the fact that Wolfgang had managed to evade several of their strange
devices for a short period of time in which the force fields of the cells in
which the Blue Dwarf crew were being held at deactivated, this then had adverse
affect on Walter as he was transported to the location of where all the blue
dwarf crew were being held prisoner but had now got a free.
The Mollopods who had finished setting up a machine-gun post to contain the
humans in their large cell where momentarily startled by something beginning to
materialise in the air just above them and as they looked up they saw one of the
humans there devices had tagged materialise above then and drop rapidly down to
land on top of them tangling them all in a confused heap.
Wolfgang Sweetsly thought he was probably going to land a rather hard but
something soft and squishy broke his fall as he landed on one of the Mollopod
machine gun operators and sundry others to crash in a startled manner into each
Wolfgang then quickly scrambled up off the Mollopod had landed on to his feet
and in panic for some unexpected war reason to doubt a fountain pen, he then
flicked the leader of the squirt ink into the eyes of one of the nearby
Mollopod's which then proceeded to yell and flail about.
Then a Mollopod grabbing a cattle prod charged Walter who then just managed to
dodge out of the way this gave him the opportunity to grab the shadow of a
cattle prod but this seemed to make the Mollopod really quite angry and slammed
Walter up against a nearby wall and then the two of them proceeded to struggle
with each other while the other Mollopod machine gun crew members dithered about
in disarray.
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