Wolfgang Sweetsly – Ouch Time

Wolfgang Sweetsly having been just slammed into a wall by a Mollopod guard, his
vision swam and he felt quite dizzy and then he felt some considerable pain as
the guard slammed the butt of his cattle prod into Wolfgang's stomach causing
him to double over.
However this in some ways unknown to Wolfgang was quite helpful as a doubt of
chicken tikka sauce knocked the Mollopod guard off his feet and out of
Wolfgang's way.
Wolfgang Sweetsly then saw that the Mollopod guard had dropped his cattle prod
so without further delay Wolfgang bent down and picked it up, he then looked
about him and saw that the other blue dwarf from members had pushed forward and
were now tangling with the Mollopod guards.
He then soon found himself standing next to Rufus who he then immediately asked
in his thick German accent if they knew how they were going to get out of the
Mollopod prison.
Wolfgang: "Hey you their Rufus I don't suppose you happen to know how we're
getting out of here''
Rufus: "not in the slightest I guess we are just going to wing it"
Wolfgang: "oh well at least we have some kind of plan then", `'hey look out''
As soon as Wolfgang shouted his warning a multipart guard materialised right
next to Rufus and himself, and world his cattle prod around knocking Rufus and
Wolfgang off their feet.
Rufus and Wolfgang then each other and caught each other's eye and looked down
at the cattle prod that Wolfgang had just had in his hands but was now lying
in-between them and they did so they then glanced back up at the Mollopod guard.
The Mollopod guard then looked down upon both of them and glared at them saying
"hold it right there you human meat bags"
Then at which point just after what the Mollopod guard spoken, Wolfgang and
Rufus both grabbed the cattle prod that was lying on the ground in between them
and thrust it towards the Mollopod guard guard and shocked him in his nether
The Mollopod guard then went a very peculiar his eyes suddenly became bloodshot
and his right eye twitched and open and closed rapidly he suddenly then imitated
a low keening grown and then grimaced horribly and keeled over sideways slamming
down onto the deck.
Rufus and Wolfgang then got to their feet and Wolfgang then let go of the cattle
prod the two of them were both holding and picked up the from the downed
Mollopod guard the other cattle prod and the two of them then regrouped with the
other blue dwarf crew members.
And as they walked a long Wolfgang said to Rufus as he rummaged through one of
his pockets taking out his wallet and taking out a small photograph of David
Hasselhoff and kissed it for luck and put it away "well things can only get good
or bad for us health wise from here on out"
"Yeah" said Rufus, "I guess that Mollopod's aren't particularly fond of knowing
whether their food is happy not"
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