Niples - Saved by a "burrowing" baby

Who: Seymour Niples, baby Alota, Queen Brittany and SNIDE
Where: A packing crate, floating into outer space
When: After the Starbug exploded
The packing crate was an extremely cramped place for two fully grown adults, a
baby and an annoying small robot which didn't seem to want to stay still.
"Stop crawling around my trousers you stupid robot!" Seymour shouted. His sudden
anger immediately woke up the baby and made her cry.
"Now look what you've done!" Said Brittany. "We need to get out of here Seymour,
this is no place for a baby."
"This is no place for a Royal Ambassador!" Seymour harrumphed. "Or a Queen." He
said as she eyeballed him.
Alota's screaming seemed to get louder. Seymour tried rock her to calm her down
but found there just wasn't enough elbow room in the small crate.
"Can't you shut her up?" Said Brittany. "What if she..."
"What if she... what?"
"What if she... does something... weird."
"What do you mean? Oh, not to worry. She's wearing a nappy." Seymour said,
checking to make sure the nappy was fresh. Luckily no foul smell was emanating
from it just yet.
"No I mean... when we found her, she was... teleporting."
"Yes." Said Seymour, "That does worry me too. Jenny said that because she's
half-Karangeth, she has the ability to 'burrow' into other dimensions. I don't
really understand it."
Brittany thought for a second. "Burrow like a rabbit?" She took a few moments to
put two and two together. "You mean... that rabbit we saw in the TransMed room
that came out of the portal... that was the same race as Jenny?"
Seymour nodded.
"So Jenny's a ... rabbit?"
Seymour saw where this conversation was going and tried to avoid it. "No. She
wasn't a rabbit when I met her. She looked like a person. Like a genuine human
being. And a rather striking individual too may I add."
"Oh I'm not arguing that Seymour. I'm sure she's very attractive." Brittany
grinned. "I bet she had lovely ears!"
"Stop it!" Seymour shouted, he tried to get away, but the crate was so small
there was nowhere to move to.
"Did she have good teeth?" Brittany mocked. "Nice big teeth?"
Seymour put a hand over his eyes and imagined he wasn't here.
"What about her favourite foods? Did you ever cook for her?"
"Of course I did. I'm a magnificent cook! Haven't I shown you my five-star
restaurant on the Blue Dwarf's promenade? 'Les Royale Niples'? It's food of the
finest quality."
"I'm sure. So what did you cook for her?"
Seymour shrugged. "It was soup. Carrot soup."
Brittany burst out laughing, and couldn't stop herself.
"Ma'am. Ma'am please! Don't laugh too hard. You're using up all of the oxygen!"
Seymour said.
"Oh Seymour you worry too much!" Brittany said, then coughed.
Then she coughed some more.
Then Seymour started to cough, and gasp.
"Air... need... more air!" Brittany gasped.
Seymour clutched his baby tight. "No air." He cried. "No.... escape." He was
only seconds away from loosing consciousness.
A bright light filled their small crate. It was a fiery crimson colour.
"Look!" Said Brittany and pointed to baby Alota's stubby little fingers. They
were sparking with red electricity.
Suddenly, the confines of the packing crate were gone, and they were floating in
a swirling wormhole tunnel. The crimson red swirled around baby Alota, who was
now free from Seymour's grasp and floating at his head height.
Seymour was amazed at how his baby seemed so confident in her abilities.
Another figure appeared in the wormhole.
"My baby!" Jenny called out, and quickly hugged the small child. Alota hugged
her mother tightly, but then floated away and did backflips in the wormhole.
"Well done for saving her Seymour!" Jenny said. She then turned to the Queen and
introduced herself.
"Nice to meet you finally." Said the Queen. "So what's this about you being a
Jenny thumped Seymour, who wasn't expecting it at all. "What have you been
saying about me Seymour?"
Seymour shrugged.
"So anyway Seymour, would you be able to look after Alota for a little while...
it's just that... I'm really busy at the moment, what with all the parallel
dimensions merging into each other and all that."
"What what what?" Said Brittany.
"Oh nothing to worry about. Just all the parallel universes are merging into
each other, things popping up here and there. It's really tearing my universe
apart. So if you see any objects or aliens just appearing for no reason, that's
what it'll be."
"Oh." Said Brittany. "That's .... nice to know."
Jenny turned to baby Alota again, who was playing with the swirls in the
wormhole. "She's getting good at playing with wormholes."
"Too good." Said Seymour. "Not that I'm complaining, she just rescued us."
"She'll get stronger and stronger. She has the ability to burrow to other
dimensions. Just keep an eye on her will you?"
"What!" Said Seymour. "How am I supposed to do that! You're the one that can
travel to other dimensions!"
Jenny shrugged. "I'm sure you'll find a way!"
"I didn't sign up for this!" Seymour said. "Being a parent is hard enough
His voice trailed off because Jenny had gone. The wormhole had gone, and
everything was now dark.
As Seymour let his eyes become accustomed to the darkness he could see that he
was in a cave. A damp and cold cave.
Alota sat at his feet, waving her arms around but gladly wasn't creating any
more wormholes. He picked her up. "Well done baby girl." He congratulated her on
getting them out of the crate in deep space.
"But where the hell have you brought us?"
Less than 100 meters away in the same cave, Queen Brittany found herself tangled
in a large spiders web. She hung upside down and fought with the sticky strands
that were holding her in place.
"If you fight, it will only make it tighter." Came a voice. Brittany turned to
see Jayne hanging in the spider web next to her.
"Oh... hello." Said Brittany. "Why are we hanging in a spider web?"
Jayne sighed. "Save that question and ask it to a no-good double-crossing little
smegger called Justin Pancake, and his best friends the Hymenoptera. They're
probably coming to suck out our brains at any minute."
"Oh" Said Brittany. "I don't think I'll stick around if you don't mind. SNIDE!"
The little robot appeared on her shoulder as she called.
"Any chance you can get me out of this mess?"
The tiny robot saluted with a thin metal arm, then a small circular saw popped
out of the arm. It started cutting away at the strands of spider web that were
holding the Queen in place.
< tag Andy, do Jayne and Brittany want to escape together/ Maybe confront
Justin? >
*Meanwhile, in space*
Who: Lester and Dai
Where: Floating in space
When: After the Starbug exploded
The two men in spacesuits floated in the vacuum of space. The Mollopod planet
was close, but they had no way of getting through the atmosphere with just their
suits on.
In the distance, a crimson wormhole appeared where the crate was supposed to be.
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