Pancake converts Micky and Efof to the dark side

Who: Justin Pancake, Micky and Efof
Where: Mollopod planet, the Hymenoptera's cave
When: After they found out Justin was helping the Hymenoptera
A Hymenoptera warrior behind them prodded Efof and Micky to walk through the
narrow tunnel to their fate.
"Why are you doing this Justin?" Said Efof sheepishly. "Why are you helping the
Hymenoptera? Don't you know that they're pure evil?"
Justin stopped and faced both Micky and Efof. "I'm trying to do what's best! I
think there's a real future between Hymenoptera and Humans. Imagine if we were
allies, how much power we would have over the galaxy. Nobody, no alien or GELF
race could threaten us again. The Mollopods would leave us alone, the Krylons
would leave us alone. There would be peace throughout the entire galaxy."
"But hold on…" Said Micky. To create peace between the Humans and the Mollopods,
you have to feed US to their Queen?"
Justin thought about this for a moment. "Well…. I have to admit, I haven't
thought about this fully just yet. To be honest I'm just winging it because I
don't want to get eaten myself."
Micky slapped his face in annoyance. "I really thought you had a good plan. But
you're winging it?"
Efof shrugged. "Sounds like a good plan to me." Micky hit him with his
holographic arm and he stayed quiet.
They carried on walking and entered a large chamber. A large fat insect took up
most of the chamber. It had an extremely large abdomen.
"This is the Queen." Justin said.
"I guessed." Said Micky sarcastically.
The Queen screeched some noises and Justin turned to them and said "The Queen
says she's looking forward to a future of cooperation between Humans and
Hymenoptera alike. Also she says she's going to enjoy eating you today."
Micky was shocked. "You can understand it?"
"They're telepathic." Said Justin. They talk directly into my head.
"Justin please don't do this!" Said Efof. "Did I tell you that the Hymenoptera
destroyed my homeworld 1000 years ago, and they killed everyone? You can't trust
Justin shrugged. "Sorry Efof."
Micky and Efof were pushed in front of the Queen. She bent down, ready to suck
them into her slimy mouth. Efof waved his hand in front of his face as he
smelled her breath and said "Phwor!"
"Wait!" Said Micky. "I want to join you!"
"Erm… what?" Said Justin. Efof looked shocked.
"I want to join you. If you're so confident about an alliance between Humans and
Hymenoptera, then lets start now. I want to join."
Justin sighed and communicated this to the Hymenoptera Queen through telepathy.
She cocked her head slightly and made some curious clicks and squeals.
"The Queen asks if you are the one who sent the message that brought them to
this planet."
"What?" Said Micky.
"She says that her ship was brought here because someone on the Blue Dwarf sent
a message to the Hymenoptera. Was that you?"
Micky paused for a second. It wasn't him, it was Rosette, but right now he could
pretend that it was and see if he got away with it.
"No it wasn't him!" Shouted Efof. Micky punched him to keep him quiet.
Micky now had to face up to it. "No. It wasn't me. But I still want to join
Justin nodded. "The Queen admires your honesty. She says she won't eat either of
you as long as you do her a favour."
Efof sighed, although he didn't like the thought of working for the Hymenoptera,
he was glad he wasn't going to be eaten.
"What do we have to do for you?" Efof asked.
Justin looked at the Queen for a few moments as she communicated telepathically
to him.
"She wants you to find the one who originally sent the message."
Micky nodded.
"It's Rosette!" Said Efof. "She's half Hymenoptera. I saw her change."
As they walked out of the cave, Efof thought about Jayne, who they had been
separated from. "Lets go back and collect Jayne. She'll be happy to know we're
"No." Said Justin.
Micky nodded his head to agree with Justin. "She's too faithful to Jay, plus she
hates the Hymenoptera. She'll never work for them."
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