Efof, Micky + Justin "Breaking into Prison"

Who: Efof Yuwan'Kar, Micky and Justin Pancake
Where: Mollopod Kingdom of Little Cheftonia
When: After Efof, Micky and Justin agreed to work for the Hymenoptera
Efof walked slightly behind Micky and Justin. They walked past rows of
Hymenoptera who lined the cave leading from the Queen's chamber to the outside.
They reached the mouth of the cave and stepped outside. The light was bright on
Efof's Ffionian eyes, having been accustomed to the darkness of the cave.
Mcky and Justin walked with purpose, they seemed to have a new purpose in their
lives. Efof wasn't sure. He wasn't as certain that the Hymenoptera were worth
helping, they HAD killed everyone he'd ever known on his homeworld after all.
"Um.. guys… wait." He stopped them. "So… if we're working with the Hymenoptera
now…. What about the Blue Dwarf?"
"What about it?" Micky asked.
"Well… can we go back?"
Justin shrugged.
"We'll cross that bridge when we get to it." Said Micky.
"Oh. Okay." Said Efof biting his lip. "Only that… if they find out that we're
working for the enemy they might… oh I dunno… they might sack us. And I don't
know what I'd do then." He said sadly. "It was the crew of the Blue Dwarf who
got me out of stasis after my world was wiped out. They have been my family and
the Blue Dwarf has been my home for nine years. Nine years! If they fire me…
where will I go?"
"I don't think they'll fire you." Micky said.
"Oh good."
"They'll probably fire AT you." He joked.
Efof gulped.
They boarded a small Hymenoptera ship, one that they knew only as a
"Coccinellidae" from emergency meetings during the last encounter with the
Hymenoptera. It was fat, red and had a sprinkling of black spots covering it's
shiny hull.
The ship took it to the prison. It was getting dark now and the Hymenoptera
fighter could evade the prisons sweeping searchlights which were scanning the
ground, not the skies. It hovered over the main complex, allowing Justin, Micky
and Efof to climb out onto the back ramp and prepare to jump out.
The harsh wind blew at them and blew the Coccinellidae transport around the sky
like a leaf in the wind.
"Tell the driver to keep it steady!" Micky shouted at Justin over the whistling
of the wind.
"There is no driver!" Justin shouted back. "The ship is alive! It's one of the
Hymenoptera species."
"Oh crap." Said Efof. "I did a wee in the bathroom."
Justin looked around. "There… isn't a bathroom."
Efof looked sheepish. "I know. Can you tell him I'm really sorry?"
Justin was about to communicate telepathically with the Coccinellidae, but it
tipped, forcing them to fall off the boarding ramp and onto the roof of the
prison complex below.
Micky's holographic arm turned into a comfy soft bed for him and Justin to fall
Efof however fell onto a separate part of the roof covered in barbed wire.
"Ouch, it hurts it hurts!" He wailed. Micky stretched his holographic arm out
from his body and used it to grab Efof and pluck him from the barbed wire. He
deposited a rather pleased Efof next to him.
"Wow that are is really useful!" Efof said excitedly.
"Yes, and it hasn't malfunctioned in a while, it-" Micky stopped talking as the
arm turned into a holographic bazukoid and fired at the nearest guard tower.
There were sounds of angry Mollopods shouting, and then a bright searchlight was
turned towards them.
Highlighted in the beam of the spotlight, Efof cried back at them "It's okay,
we're breaking in, not breaking out!"
An alarm went off anyway.
"I think we better find Rosette fast." Said Justin.
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