Micky - three man ARMy

OOC - Just to let you guys know, the arm was changed from a hologram to a
robotic gizmozoidything a long time ago :oP No worries tho, it's still not
doing things the way it should, and generally causing havoc. I think Micky is
getting the hang of letting the arm do what it wants to get him out of trouble
Who: Micky, Efof, Justin
Where: The roof of the Mollopod prison where the rest of the crew are fighting.
When: Just after Mickys robotic arm destroyed a guard tower.
"We need a plan guys! Their warning shots are really close!" Efof called as he
dived across the roof.
"Thos aren't warning shots, Efof!" Micky shouted back through the gunfire.
"Toaster!" The toaster voice of his arm came to life.
"Well! Look who decides to pipe up after I save his life twice!"
"Save my life?! They're shooting at us!" Micky still hated that pompous voice.
Why had Holly insisted on welding that mechanical moron to his body?!
"Well what do you want me to do about that?!" The toaster-voiced arm asked back
"Just get us inside!"
"Right you are!" Replied Mickys arm. There was a slight pause and a whirring
filled the air. Micky was lurched forwards as the arm took control of his body.
"Hey! What the hell are you doing?! How are you even doing it?!" Micky was
panicking at the fact the toaster he hated was in control of his body.
"Micky?!" Justin heard Micky and got scared himself. "Micky, what's happening?!"
"I'm wired into your nervous system genious." The arm sounded tired of Mickys
stupidity. "You can control me, and when it's in the best interest of you, me
and the crew, I can control you as well! You wanted to get in, so..."
Mickys hand started spinning at the wrist at an unfathomable speed and he felt
his arm tell him to punch the roof.
"NO!" He cried out as his arm plunged through the concrete roof like a hot knife
through butter, sending lumps of reinforced concrete flying all over the place.
Justin and Efof had to dive to the floor to avoid being pummelled by it.
A loud cracking and crumbling noise could be heard as the battering the roof
took made it fall to bits. Micky, Justin and Efof landed in a heap, Mickys arm
came spinning to a halt, a dull whining noise coming from the tired servos and
"Whoah! How do I get one of those?!" Justin asked Micky with a voice of awe.
"Just piss off Jayne Chrysler enough, that's how I got it!" Micky reached down
into his boot and pulled out his hip flask (Somehow, he didn't bother asking
because the writer can't explain it, it was always full). He took a few long
mouthfulls before screwing the cap on. When he had tucked it back into his boot
and straightened up he noticed Efof and Justin were looking at him with
"What?" He asked them. "I needed a drink!" Looking around Micky realised it was
dark, except the small amount of light creeping in through the demolished
ceiling. "Where are we boys?"
<Tag! Where are they?!>
Who: Jayne Chrysler
Where: In the web the Hymenoptera had her trapped in
When: Just after Micky and Efof were taken to be eaten
Jayne listened closely to Micky and Efof being escorted away. When she was sure
they were gone, she untucked the knife from her sleeve.
Making light work of chopping through the sticky thread that held her in place,
she fell to the floor and, not wanting to miss her chance, followed Micky, Efof
and their captors quietly down the hall.
She listened to the whole thing. Justin telling Micky and Efof what had been
said and then what Micky had said.
"You coward." She whispered to herself. "I should have killed you back in that
After she had listened to Micky turn almost instantly, then listened to him turn
poor Efof who was just stupid and easily mis-led, she followed them to the
Hymenoptera transport ship. She slipped underneath and held on for dear life as
the craft left the cave, and headed for the prison.
<Tag! What's Jayne gonna do to Micky and Justin?! Will Efof be easily turned
back?! Will Jayne and Micky ever get it on?! I'm sure all these questions will
be answered by somebody one day!>

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