Rosette - \"Chance of a Lifetime\"

"Wow that are is really useful!" Efof said excitedly.
"Yes, and it hasn't malfunctioned in a while, it-" Micky stopped talking as the
arm turned into a holographic bazukoid and fired at the nearest guard tower.
There were sounds of angry Mollopods shouting, and then a bright searchlight was
turned towards them.
Highlighted in the beam of the spotlight, Efof cried back at them "It's okay,
we're breaking in, not breaking out!"
An alarm went off anyway.
"I think we better find Rosette fast." Said Justin.
Luckily for them, the building they were standing on was the very one that had
been used to capture and hold the entire crew of the Blue Dwarf. Beneath them,
a screech erupted from the doorway as a giant spider leapt through, tearing the
Mollopods apart. The Hymenopterran Coccinellidae screeched down to the spider,
causing a momentary lapse in Rosette's concentration.
"You know.. There are other Hymenoptera on this planet, I don't need you any
more." The bug said gleefully to her, from within her mind. Rosette screamed
back, but couldn't do anything as the spider leapt up into the ship, which tore
off towards its home...
From the doorway, Jay and Chris could only watch as the one that had gotten them
out of the prison just left... Without even saying goodbye.
"Damn... That was a Hymenoptera ship!" Jay cursed, trying to fight the Mollopods
away at the same time. Amber from behind moved forward, and expertly threw a
tikka-grenade into a fox-hole, then laughed as the gooey sauce erupted from the
open windows.
"Guys, that bug ship mentioned a Queen... Could the Queen from the hive-ship
have survived?" She asked rhetorically as she shot another overgrown slug in the
"What are you doing? We had a deal!" Rosette screamed at the bug, but the sounds
of the Hive-Mind were too strong, the screeching filled her mind, and nothing
would get rid of it. She fought it for as long as she could, but eventually,
her consciousness faded...
"Hahahahaha! Finally! I can finally tear those pesky humans apart, without any
trouble!" The spider roared, just as the transport came in for the landing...
"My Queen." The spider said, almost bowing to the gigantic overgrown wasp.
"Welcome back to the hive." the queen responded, in its own form of language, a
slow... defined screech...
"Join us, let us turn this planet into a hive, these slugs are weak, their
bio-matter will make a fine ship."
<To be continued! Looks like the bugs are evicting the Mollopods!>

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