Kill Phil Vol: 2

Who:- Phil
Where:- Where Phil is
When:- When Phil was there.
The entire corridor was engulfed in flame, a fireball roared along the walkway,
blasting the double doors off their hinges at the other end. A few, very badly
burned Mollopods stumbled through, away from what had caused the explosion and
teleported themselves away immediately. This chamber was full off Mollopod
prison guards on their lunch break, sat at tables around the room and eating
human snacks. They wheeled around to look toward the commotion.
An exo-battle-suit, glistening with shiny weaponry now filled the hole where the
door had been moments before, the still burning flames of the corridor
reflecting off the steel body. In the cockpit, the grinning face of Phil
Febuggure could be seen. "Incendiary grenades!" he said excitedly over the
speakers, not realising that he was broadcasting externally "Nice!....but I
wanted the stun grenades…"
He pressed a few buttons and the machine did a kind of dance and stumbled
forward, smashing into a table. "Oops…SORRY! I'm new at this…"
The mollopods wasted no time in attacking, drawing their weapons they all lunged
forward, opening fire, swinging blades, throwing grenades..
The battlesuit was barely even scratched. "My turn!" said Phil as he retaliated,
unleashing a salvo of missiles. (Phil would never admit to it, but he'd actually
tried to run away, baring in mind Jay's earlier order to keep casualties to a
minimum, but didn't quite know how to use the EVE-1)
The dust settled and as visibility returned, the Eve-1 could be seen standing in
the centre of the room, without so much as a scratch, it's missile launchers
smoking, and dozens of Mollopods lying at it's feet, with Phil sheepishly
staring through the cockpit glass. "Heh…" he chuckled "Whoops!!"
He heard a noise behind him, more guards were coming, he had to get out of here.
He tried to run forward toward the exterior wall, but instead launched the suit
upwards, where it crashed through the ceiling and landed on the roof.
"Goddammit!" he yelled when he realised his error, then figured out how to
manoeuvre the suit and leapt off the roof, clean over the prisons outer wall,
where two guards tried to stop him at the main gate – Phil dispensed with them
easily, by firing the fist-mounted rubber band launchers into whatever passed as
a Mollopods groin, and then bounded off into the distance toward the nearby
Jay had given orders to do whatever it took to maintain the alliance with the
Mollopods, and Phil had an idea how he could do just that…
Meanwhile, Phil was completely unaware that the Mollopod prison staff had called
in help from the Mollopod Militia, their orders, destroy the rampaging exo-suit
and it's pilots at all costs….

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