Say 'uncle'!!!!

He reached the group ahead of Wolfgang, who was a little bit shocked to see the scientist run past him shouting about swords and helping the others. Rufus skidded to a halt, right in front of Vanessa.
He looked at her.
She looked at the baby.
Rufus looked at the baby.
"It's not what you think!" He blurted out.
<end snip>
"And what.." Vanessa snapped "exactly AM I thinking?"
"Well…" Rufus stuttered "Well…erm…that…I might have…"
"Might have what?"
"Been manhandling your baby?"
"Why would I think that?" Vanessa screeched "That baby's at least a year older than William! And clearly a girl! How would I mistake my own child for one that's NOTHING LIKE HIM?!"
Rufus opened his mouth to speak but found his mouth suddenly unable to open due to his cheeks being firmly squeezed by a surprisingly powerful hand. He followed the arm and found himself staring into the angry face of Jay.
"mmmpfh!" he said. "Mmmpfh mumfh muff mmph!"
"I'm going to say this once and once only…." Jay said flatly, seemingly having lost any concern he had about the crews predicament. "You're going to tell me what my sister means about "her own child" and you sure as hell better tell me I misheard."
"murph mugghf muff!"
"Oh right.." Jay said and released his grip.
"It…It's n…not MY child!" Rufus spluttered "Wh…why you th..think I fuh..finished with her?"
Jay said nothing, just slowly turned to face Vanessa, his face fixed in a malicious scowl.
"Jay.." Vanessa began "I was going to tell you…honest…as soon as he arrived on the ship!"
Jay's expression didn't change
"I had him when I was stationed on Earth during the Krylon war! I was pregnant so the Space Corp sent me away from the front lines!"
Jay still hadn't moved
"Rufus really ISN'T the father….we never even….you know…not that YOU could judge me on THAT anyway…I just got drunk.. and, well did something I regret.." she shot a glance at Katrina who was innocently fiddling with her mobile by a nearby tree "What?" she asked, realising she was suddenly the centre of attention.
"Leave her out of this" Jay snapped "This isn't about you having sex, it's about throwing your life away! For gods sake Vanessa! You've died not once but twice! You'd think you'd be grateful you HAVE a life, and not toss it out in a drunken fling!!!"
"Look! I know! I mess up, but, seriously, when you meet your nephew you won't be angry any more."
"Who IS the father?" Jay sighed…
"urm….Doctor Keto……" muttered Vanessa.
Jay's face fell even more than it already had.
"No.." he said sternly
He wheeled around and pointed at Rufus "NO!"
Then he pointed at Wolfgang "NO!!!"
Then at baby Alota "NO!!!"
Then ran toward Keto and pointed at him to. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooo!!!"
"JAY MONTAGUE CHRYSLER!" Came an all-too familiar voice "That is no way for a starship captain to behave…"
"…sorry Mum…" said Jay as he turned to face his baby-carrying mother, who evidently had been caught up in the chroniton wave as she was arriving aboard the Blue Dwarf.
"Now. Stop this fussing and get on and do your job! These people are depending on you!!"
"Yes mum..sorry mum.."
"SENIOR CREW FALL IN!!" Jay yelled an order to his crew
"No need to shout dear!"
"Sorry mum…"
"You'll upset poor William.."
"Yes mum.."
The people that walked behind him were wearing similar clothes. They held their
swords ready, and their bows had arrows knocked, ready to fire.
<End snip>
A whistling noise was heard from somewhere in the trees. "EVERYBODY! DOWN!" Yelled Harris and the crew ducked, the trees were suddenly lined with arrows. One crew member was less lucky and fell to the ground next to Jay, an arrow sticking out of his chest.
"HOLD YOUR FIRE!!!" Jay yelled, raising a hand "WE'RE NOT YOUR ENEMY!!"
"You're no friend sir!" came a voice in reply "Therefore you can only BE an enemy!"
"No, you don't understand! We're just..lost! We're…travellers from a foreign land! We lost our bearings, that's all!"
"..sir..I have a target…" Harris whispered, he was holding a rifle and looking through the scope "I can take him out.."
"And how will that help? If his men don't kill us afterward then we'll branded as witches and hunted down until there is none of us left."
"What can they do? There armed with swords and bows, we have guns!"
"We don't know how many there are! Plus, they know the forest better than us! We wouldn't stand a chance!" Jay got to his feet and walked toward the trees. "My name is Jay Chrysler! OF Chrysler!" he corrected "All we want is to get home, can you help us?"
"Why should I trust you?" came back the voice.
"Well…what can I do to convince you?"
"Well…how about you do something for me?"
"I'm listening…."
<tag anyone, what does Robin Hood want us to do? (I ran out of time to finish this post as I'm at work, but hey, that means someone else gets to decide! I loke the idea of a quest, like Lester suggested mind! …Oh..and I guess Jay's Mum's in charge now too…)

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