The flight velocity of an african swallow.

((sorry be meaning to post for a while but didn't feel confident enought to take the story further so be waiting to see how it pans out before making my next contribution))
Who: Mark Bowden
When: a few minutes after he fainted...again!
With a groan Mark placed his hands on his head in a attempt to try and numb the pain resonating from inside his skull as he slowly opened his eyes. The sun shone brightly and momentarily blinded him but as he gained focus on his surroundings. Suddenly a face leaned over him blocking out the light. Remembering where he was he jumped to his feet in the vain hope that none of his fellow crew mates had noticed him fainting. As he dusted himself down he found himself face to face with some unknown man grinning at him. Quickly he looked him up and down, his eyes drawn to the long sword in his hand.
The stranger made no attempt to talk but just kept grinning manically at him. It was then Mark noticed the tights. The man, well he assumed he was a man, was wearing tights. Now Mark had nothing against people expressing themselves but a man wearing tights.....his mother would have never approved.
"Hello? Do you speak at all?" asked Mark nervously.
"Ah forgive me lad. I couldn't help looking at those wierd things over ye eyes. Strange looking things they be. Ye lot don't dress like anyone I've ever met!" replied the stranger pointing at the other Blue Dwarf crew.
"But....but you're wearing tights?!" stammered Mark still finding it hard to accept a grown man was happily wearing such constricting clothes.
"Aye that is true but they make me feel like a man! Provide me with the freedom to move. Ideal for hunting you see!"
"Oh...okay?" said Mark as he slowly backed to the safety of his fellow crew mates
Addressing the crew the stranger exclaimed "Ah where be me manners! My name is Little John and this is Friar Tuck" indicating to the smally dumpy man behind him. "We're sorry about your friend but you can't be too careful these days. The Sheriff is always out to try and have us killed"
Mark turned round to see what Little John had been sorry for and noticed the dead crew member with an arrow sticking out of his chest.
"Shit....." he gasped. His mother would definately have disapproved of that language!
At this moment a man Mark recognised as Wolfgang Sweetsley picked up a baby from Rufus and within moment he disappeared in a flash light.
"What on Earth is going on?!" thought Mark "Can't anyone just stay in one place for one minute!" He sat down slowly in disbelief as he tried to grip with the whole situation
Little John and Friar Tuck jumped back in shock at the flash of light
"The bloody hell was that! You use magic?! Are you some servants of the devil or angels!"
Both men turned to Robin Hood for an explanation who turned to Jay with a serious look
"I don't know what you are but if you so much as use any of that devil stuff against me or my men we'll kill every one of you quicker than you can say What is flight velocity of an african swallow?"

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