[JMC_Blue_Dwarf] Wolfgang Sweetsly – Blue Dwarfs coming down

Who: Wolfgang Sweetsly, Baby Alota, Queen Brittany and Seymore Nipples
When: In the Sheriff of Nottingham's Hunting lodge just moments before the alternate verson of Blue Dwarf crashed.
Meanwhile, Wolfgang was peering out of the stained glass window at the front of the small stone house. It looked out onto a lawn, and a driveway.
"I can hear horses!" He shouted suddenly. "Yes... two, four, no six horses coming this way. They're armed with swords and crossbows."
Seymour put Alota down on the ground, where she stood shakily. "Alota. Can you create a wormhole for us to escape?" He said slowly and in a baby voice.
She burped, then clapped her hands in excitement.
"Very good Alota. I think you get that from your mother's side. Like the tail. But can you create a wormhole for us? Worm-hole."
Alota dribbled, then yawned.
"Worm-hole?" Seymour said.
Alota crawled away and hid behind a tapestry.
"They're almost at the house!" Wolfgang shouted.
"I think I've just found out who they are." Said Brittany, holding up a scroll of yellowed writing paper. "These scrolls are addressed to the Sheriff of Nottingham. This is his hunting lodge."
Seymour smacked his face. Then hid.
Wolfgang Sweetsly saw Seymour Nipples dive behind a tapestry and thought that hiding was a very good idea indeed, he then glanced about in a panic looking for somewhere to hide and just happened to glance back behind him through the window towards the Sheriff of Nottingham and his men to see that they had stopped and were looking up into the sky something.
Wolfgang followed their gaze and deep in surprise as he saw the familiar shape of blue dwarf hurtling through the sky and passing over the hunting lodge and disappearing into the distance.
Suddenly Wolfgang could feel the hot panting breath of Queen Brittany on the back of his neck and he tensed up again as he could feel her standing behind him.
`'Wasn't that the Blue Dwarf'' she said, Wolfgang glancing behind him catching sight of Queen Brittany clad in only a thin cloth which she was using for a towel, his breath caught short in his throat as he tried to speak.
`'Cough'', `'I er um, yes your Majesty I believe it certainly was the blue dwarf however I can't quite put my finger on it but I think there was something a little different about it''.
`' That is most clearly evident from the fact that it was hurtling out of the sky'' said the Queen Brittany, now a new excuse me boys and going to go and get dressed as I must make myself look particularly gorgeous for this Sheriff of Nottingham fella, because he can afford a place like this he must have some cash''
Seymour Nipples peeked out from his hiding place, saying `'what was that you say the Blue Dwarf''.
Yes it just passed over us, I think there was something wrong with it'', replied Wolfgang as he removed the mediaeval clothing he was wearing to reveal his Blue Dwarf uniform underneath.
`'Well this is all very interesting'' said Queen Brittany as she finished getting dressed into their skimpy outfit and began to examine her fingernails and looked down at her toes in her high-heeled shoes.
`' I think I ought to check the Sheriff of Nottingham you know, but my nails are in a terrible state, I wish there was a beautician's somewhere''
Suddenly eager to help Wolfgang chirped up saying `'perhaps I can help and very good with nails he said with a slightly mysterious grin''
`'Oh really, while by all means feel free to see what you can do'' she replied in pleasant surprise, oblivious to Wolfgang's strange grin on his face, she then sat down and motioned for him to come forward.
Wolfgang then eagerly approached her and from deep within his blue dwarf uniform a strange black velvet package, which he put down and opened up to reveal a full nail manicure set, he then immediately got to work on Queen Brittany's finger nails and toenails.
From his hiding place Seymour sighed heavily and stepped out from his hiding place, scooping up baby Alota as he went, `'look we don't really have time for this, we have to get out of here, come on Alota please try to do something'' he coaxed but she just dribbled and giggled at him.
Wolfgang however was soon finished seeing to Queen Brittany's nails, she then examined his work and beamed appreciatively as he has done an excellent job, seems you have many talents".
She pureed and winked at him, saying "I think I shall have to keep you around" she said as she gave him her best seductive smile.
Queen Britney however was too busy admiring her pedicured nails to notice that as Wolfgang packed away his manicure set he slipped her finger and toenail clippings into a small clear bag and stashed it away somewhere in one of his pockets.
"Yes, yes, yes whatever" replied Seymour as he became increasingly more flustered as he began to think he had heard noises coming from somewhere downstairs below them.
Suddenly the whole room began to shake violently and many things fell from the walls and shelves clattering to the floor as the whole hunting lodge began to shake, ahhhh what the smegs happening cried Seymour as he held the now crying baby Alota to him.
Wolfgang who was pressing himself up against the wall next to the window was just barely able to see in the far off distance, some kind of huge explosive cloud filled with debris rising into the air and then gradually disappeared, "what the sweet smeg of smeg was that" he yelled and then quickly put two and two together realising what had happened.
"It's the blue dwarf we saw pass over us earlier" he said in his thick German accent which was rather garbled accentuated the panic in his voice.
Queen Brittany then glanced around the room noticing it had gone deathly quiet apart from baby Alota who was bawling and crying, waving her arms about and causing sparks of energy to appear between her hands.
`'Well at least all that shaking has stopped but now it looks like Alota is about to make another wormhole'' she said and then could hear the distinctive sounds of footsteps running up the stairs towards them.
Wolfgang still looking out the window could see that some of the Sheriff of Nottingham's men had ran outside and were looking about in confusion.
But then Alota had now created a fully functioning wormhole and burrowed Seymour, Wolfgang and Queen Britney away just as the door to their room burst open as the Sheriff of Nottingham stormed in to find with sword drawn an empty room in which moments ago they had just been standing.
Seymour, Wolfgang, Queen Britney and Baby Alota re-materialised seconds later in a smoking crater and found themselves staring at the mangled hunk of metal that remained of the blue dwarf they then noticed however they were not alone as they could clearly see the familiar shapes of Lester and Efof close by.
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