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Jed stepped over to them. "Ah can see yer all. Come out with yer hands up. Or
ahm gonna start a-shootin y'all!"
Angel, Jay, Seymour and Efof all stood up with their hands up. Angel feelt
totally helpless, she felt like she should faint like a total girl, but she
could see Seymour was about to beat her to it.
The four hostages stood there, helpless. None had brought any weapons with them and one looked ready to faint. Seymour was already looking grey and weak in the knees. Pirate Pete stepped forward, eyeing up the busty lady in front of him.
"This be one fine body yee got yerself there lass! Whats say we try and see a bit more?" He drew his sword from his sheath by his side and Seymour passed out at the sight of the shiny blade.
Angel let out a small scream as Pete swung the razor sharp sword upwards. There was a loud 'shing!' as the blade made contact with her.
The dress she was wearing fell open at the top, the perfect aim and handy work of the pirate sliced it clean in two, meaning a pair of grotesquely large breasts fell out. Everyone except Seymour, who was, thankfully, unconscious let out a moan and grimaced as they bounced to a standstill in front of them.
Efof looked like he was dying.
He clamped his hand over his mouth as he started to wretch, spewing wildly into his own mouth, but not letting any out. His face went a funny colour of yellow before sick started ejecting from his ears.
Seymour seemed to awaken when the vomit started landing on his face, going in his ears and hair and mouth. He gave one or two dry heaves before spitting and spluttering and trying to scramble to his feet.
"If that's what her boobs look like, imagine what her flange looks like!" Jay said in amazement, not able to tear his eyes away from the monstrosity as Seymour dragged himself up out of the puddle of alien vomit he was flapping about in.
"What's a flange?" Efof asked him. Seymour leaned over and whispered the answer to him. Efof looked horrified as the image suddenly jumped into his thoughts.
He vomited again, this time through his mouth, like he should.
The image had obviously entered Petes mind too as he opened his mouth and sicked up, only he was still stood in front of Angels breasts, which soon looked like someone had dropped pavement pizza all over them.
"Ewwwww!" Angel called out as she scrambled to get her clothes tied up again. She spotted Micky doubled over laughing harder than she ever though it was possible. "You can shut up too! These people are all in your head! You're mental!"
Micky straightened up, stopping his laughing immediately as if he had just remembered something.
"What did you say?" He asked her, causiously stepping toward her through the numerous piles of sick. He looked borderline angry, this was when Angel realised she didn't know Micky at all. None of them knew the real Micky. The one that had been locked away in his memories all this time.
If they did, they wouldn't have come.
"Tell me what you mean by that." Mickys grip tightened around the rifle he was holding as he came to stand face to face with Angel. Not being very tall he could see straight into her eyes. Angel quivered as Mickys mouth turned up at the edges in a sort of snarl.
"Micky!" Holly called to him. "Calm down." Micky turned back to Holly, obviously still angry.
"Who gives you the right to tell us what to do?!" He was getting violent end jabbing the rifle in the direction of the Labradore as he spoke each word. Seymour and Jay exchanged worried glances. Efof stood with an empty smile on his face. Jay spoke up next.
"Micky, this isn't real." He tried to pick his words carefully, assuming that now was the right time to speak up. "We are all in your mind, these are your memories, you shouldn't be living them again." Micky spun round to face Jay with a look of confusion on his face. He wanted to believe this stranger in his world, but it was too hard for him to let go, the voice of that dog in his head, telling him not to listen. "Holly is controlling you."
Jed took two steps forward and lifted Jay off the floor round the neck with one hand while the other hand pressed the barrell of a shooter into the soft of his belly.
"If you don't shut yer jibber jabber now, il blow you clean in haaaaf! Unner stan me boi?!" Jed looked furious. Jay could see a glint of Holly in his eyes. "I know thats you." Whispered Jay. "I didn't let you take my ship, and I'm not letting you take any of my crew." Lowered back to his feet, Jay straightened his clothes out again. Jed started to walk away, but before he got far he spun around and hit Jay in the side of the head with the butt of his shooter. He fell to the floor clutching his temple, face twisted in pain.
"Tell me that pain ain't real vermin!"
"Take those four to the lockhouse, Pete." Holly ordered. Pirate Pete nodded and, with the help of Jed ushering them along with his pistols, directed them to the local jail. "Micky is going to help me." The Labradore smiled up at Micky.
"How am I going to help you?"
"You see that tower over there?" He motioned to the end of the dusty street where a rather modern looking radio mast had appeared. "We're going to use that to stop those people from attacking us any more. I need you to get me to the top of that mast and help me send out a signal."
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