high noon

This is a post by me and Mike 'Micky' B
Who: Angel, Jay, Efof, Seymour, Jed, Pirate Pete
Where: On the way to the jail inside Mickys head
When: Just after The last post inside Mickys fat head.
As Jay, Efof, Angel and Seymour were marched across town by their captors, dark black clouds were gathering in the sky, turning the place almost as black as night. A single bright yellow bolt of lightning streaked across the sky, shortly followed by a loud crack of thunder. Jay looked up nervously.
"I'm no specialist on the subject, but I'd say something big is going to happen soon..."
"What was that?!" Jed shouted at the back of Jays head. Jay slowed to a stop without turning round, they all still had two hands up in the air each.
"I said," Jay reapeated slowly. "I'd say something big was about to happen soon."
"Why?" Asked Jed, mildly interested. Jay knew he hadn't taken into account Efof's extra limbs.
"Because," He still said slowly, making sure to keep the attention of the man with the guns on himself. "You haven't met any Ffionians yet. Which means you forgot about this."
Efof's extra hands placed themselves neatly between the eyes of both Jed and Pirate Pete. This took them by surprise and gave Jay a chance to knock the guns out of Jeds hands and sock him one in the jaw. Efof had already started climing all over the large pirate, who made the small, spindly alien look like a stick insect. Seymour took the opportunity to leg it and take cover behind another bush while Angel stood helplessly between the fighting men, not knowing which way to turn or run.
Jed had already grabbed Jay by the collar and spat tobacco in his eye before headbutting him. Jay fell on his back on the dusty, gravel road and Jed mover in for another go at him while he was down.
"Stop it you disgusting man!" Yelled Angel as she hit him over the head with the small purse she just imagined herself holding.
"Of course!" Shouted Jay to the others. "Imagine you have weapons! That's one advantage we have over these guys! We have imaginations, they're just electrical impulses!"
Pirate Pete heard this as he grabbed Efof from on top of his sholders and held him out at arms length. The small alien was now holding a bird with an elephants trunk. He grinned at Pete right before he swiped it across his face, the bird making a funny squaking sound as it hit him, exploding into a ball of feathers. The Pirate just stood, a look of complete confusion on his face from being hit with an Elephant Bird.
"Sorry Captain!" Called Efof as Pete punched him in the gut and sent him flying through the air. "It's the best I could d-OOF!" The wind was knocked out of him and he curled up in a ball as the agony ripped through his stomach.
"Hiii-YA!!" Came a cry from beside Pete. He didn't have time to turn and see where it came from. All he saw were stars.
Seymour, from behind his bush witnessed everything from here on. Efof was still curled up, he hoped he wasn't too badly injured, but was too chicken to get involved with any violence. He was amazed though to see a short busty woman leap nearly eight feet through the air and land a perfect kick to the side of the huge pirates head. It obviously stunned him, because he didn't seem to know what was happening for a second. Before he could regain control of his actions, though, Angel had already dealt another punch to nose, followed by another in the stomach. She jumped higher than Seymour could ever imagine and planted a small but well placed foot under his chin. The pirate stood, swaying slightly in the breeze, but otherwise completely motionless. Angle placed a hand on his massive chest and pushed him over with ease.
Petes head hit the ground hard, knocked unconscious by the final blow Angel had dealt him. She stood over his face, smeared with dirt and said; "Pete, meet peat..." Angel looked up to see that Efof and Seymour were stood with jaws wide open, having witnessed this girly-girl opening up a can all over Pete.
Angel looked down as she started to blush "I learned that in school..." She said sheepishly. "All the kids used to bully me."
"NO!" Jay shouted, catching the attention of the others. Jed was standing over him, holding a pistol pointed right at his face. Seymour scrunched his eyes shut tight and imagined like crazy. He didn't have the need for an imagination often, but now was definately the time. When he opened his eyes again, he beamed with joy.
"It worked!" he shouted.
Jay looked up from the dusty road, where he lay on his back, trying to scramble away from the Texan with the gun pointing right into his eyes.
"Ahmma blow yer head so far into the ground y'aint gonna get it back without no shovels!" Jed warned as he put his foot on Jays chest to stop him moving and cocked the hammer on the pistol. Jay shut his eyes and waited for it all to end. There was a loud bang, followed by silence. Jay could feel his face and hands starting to tingle. He knew he had died. He knew it.
When he opened his eyes, there were sparkly pixels floating to the ground. They made his skin tingle as they landed on him.
"Just electrical impulses eh?" Seymour said with a wide smile across his face. He held out his free hand and helped Jay to his feet. A smoking rifle was in his other hand. It looked like an antique, obviously one that he admired a lot.
"Must have been hard to remove that from the packaging, Niples." Jay joked before waiting in silence for a second. "Thank you though, you're not always a pompous prick."
"Efof!" Called Angel as she ran over to him. The Ffionian looked in a bad way. Angel looked up at the other two who had just arrived. "We need to get him out of here." She pleaded to them.
Jay looked at Seymour.
"Oh no!" Seymour held up his hands and backed away. "I'm not carrying him! If he is sick on my brand new suit I wont be happy!"
Jay looked at Seymours suit already covered in Efofs vomit, but he couldn't be bothered to argue. He lifted the light, spindly alien onto his shoulder and set off to find Micky.
They all knew he was the key to get out, but they didn't know if he knew that.
<TBC very soon!>

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