*ACTION* A.I. CAPTAIN! *Salutes* Part Two

Who:- Majority of the senior crew, plus those who had helped save the day yet again
Where:- Parrotts
When:- Evening.
"And this, Admiral, is Parrotts!" Jay said, entering the bar, Admiral Phillips in tow. "What can I get you?"
"Oh.." said the Admiral, her cat, Mr. Jingle's under her right arm, the Quark AI in a briefcase in her left hand "Very kind, um, Red Wine please.."
Jay nodded and made his way to the bar, he kicked Mk.10 as he walked past him and nodded his head toward the Admiral.
Mk.10 got the idea, Jay wanted him to look after her for a bit, so he trundled over to the Admiral.
"So." Mk.10 said "What's with the cat?"
Jay leant over the bar, and waited to be served. He could have used his rank to get served before anyone else, but he didn't want the crew to resent him. He knew what this crew could be like when it came to booze. He glanced up and down the bar to see who had come along, he'd assumed that once word got out that there were drinks for those he'd invited tonight on expenses that quite a few people would turn up to try their luck, sure enough there were several un-recognized and several unwanted faces, Jay just shrugged, he was in a good mood, for the first time in a long while. He'd finally started to get the hang of captaincy and was starting to enjoy it, instead of getting stressed out and snapping at everyone. He wondered if it was Vanessa's comment about how he may end up with high-blood pressure if he carried on the way he did and need to make regular visits to Doctor Keto that did it, lets face it, the man had had patients who had lost their legs run away in terror when realizing that he would be the surgeon to reattach them, so he figured he could let the crew have fun.
"Rosette!" he said, spotting her at the other end of the bar "Did you get my....."
Jay was interrupted by a loud wailing noise, he turned around and Admiral Phillips was struggling to restrain her cat who had been frightened by Mk.10 and was battling to get away.
"Smeg..." he muttered, and headed across the bar toward her. "Mk, what's happening here?"
Mr. Jingles finally broke free and darted out of the bar, and into the main body of the ship, the admiral dropped the briefcase that she was holding in a moment of panic and ran off after her pet.
"Dammit 'Ten! I only asked you to look after the admiral for a few minutes! Now look!"
"Hey! I'm a big scary robot! I scare animals! Not my fault!..hey...look.."
"What?" Jay said, and looked toward where Mk. 10 was pointing "Oh smeg.."
"What is it?"
"Our new mainframe computer...only, when she dropped it the case must have broken..smeg, that things worthless now.."
"What's that light coming out?"
It didn't take long to find out. The bar was filled with a bright green light, which soon flickered out of existence as the computer shut itself down.
"I think I might have figured it out..." Jay said.
"It's the Quark's miniaturisation beam...." Everyone in Parrots looked around, tables and chairs towered above them. They were all three inches tall.
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