Mouse Trap

"Our new mainframe computer...only, when she dropped it the case must have broken..smeg, that things worthless now.."
"What's that light coming out?"
It didn't take long to find out. The bar was filled with a bright green light, which soon flickered out of existence as the computer shut itself down.
"I think I might have figured it out..." Jay said.
"It's the Quark's miniaturisation beam...." Everyone in Parrots looked around, tables and chairs towered above them. They were all three inches tall.
"The hell is going on?" Rosette asked no one in particular. She had been sat on a chair, letting the 'Bug inside her feed on the most acidic drink that the bar provided. Now, she was stood on top of the table, with the glass over twice her current height. She walked to the edge, and looked over. Below, everyone that had shown up at the Bar were also three inches tall. This, at least made her feel more comfortable about the predicament.
"What happened?" she called down. Using a clawed hand, she gripped hold of the tablecloth, and slid down to ground level. Still, this felt like a huge fall, but somehow she managed to slow the fall enough to not break any bones.
"Miniaturisation beam from the new 'Holly' went mad." Jay replied, momentarily forgetting about the communication he had sent.
"can we reverse it?" she asked, as any normal person would.
"I don't know... I don't have the codes, if there is a way." He replied. "Ooh, did you get that message i sent you?" He asked, suddenly remembering his train of thought.
"I did... I've been thinking about it. Not sure if it's such a good idea that I have access codes... I'm not sure the Hymenoptera can be trusted." She admitted. Jay replied with a knowing look.
"You've proved you can control it so far. I see no reason why you can't join the crew." He said, "Also, I'd prefer you used codes, rather than breaking your way through things... Makes it far easier to clean up." He admitted.
Rosette forced a laugh, though it seemed very nervous. She stopped suddenly as Jay looked in terror behind her.
"What is it?" she asked, wishing she hadn't asked, as a very loud meow tore through the room, almost ear-shatteringly so, since they were so small.
Everyone scattered among the bar. Some hid behind chair legs, others tried to climb up them, to the chairs above, hoping it would provide a better place to hide.
"I could possibly still take it if i turned into a bug.." Rosette suggested, hoping for another chance to fight against the bug, to become stronger against it.
"No, we can't..." Jay admitted. "If we kill it, the Admiral will kill us."
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