Who:- Jayne
Where:- Parrots
When:- Right after the shrinkage.
Jayne was NOT happy.
She'd have been perfectly happy to have stayed in her quarters tonight, maybe watch a film or read a book. The whole social scene wasn't something that Jayne particularly cared for, having grown up on the streets, wheeling, dealing and stealing along with no small number of more serious crimes that she'd rather forget she'd kind of glossed over the whole going to the pub for a night out thing.
True, she was only five years old, what with being a clone and all, but still, her evenings had always been spent with far less favorable people than the Blue Dwarf crew, god forbid, so she wasn't comfortable in these situations.
But Jay had insisted she come out.
To make matters worse, when Jayne had first arrived in her flight suit, Vanessa had taken her by the hand, led her away and insisted on making her look less out of place in a bar by giving her makeover.
So Jayne was in an uncomfortable situation, wearing more make-up than she'd ever owned in her life, dressed in the shortest skirt she'd ever seen, let alone worn and the most difficult to walk in high-heeled boots.
The night couldn't have gotten any worse....well..not unless Micky had been here, she dread to think how he'd react to seeing so much of her legs...
At least she thought it couldn't get worse. That was until the point where she had been reduced to a size, of three inches, even smaller (possibly) than her skirt had been before the miniaturisation.
To make matters worse still, she was now being pursued by a playful cat.
"RUN!" yelled someone Jayne didn't recognise.
"I'm trying!" she snapped back, tottering uncomfortably on her heels, she tripped and fell flat on her face, her hair falling over her eyes and obscuring her view. She heard a loud purring behind her, she rolled onto her back, and tossed her hair back, and saw the feline bearing down, and raised it's paw, it's claws out, ready to strike.
Jayne rolled to one side, just dodging the predators attack, and again a second time. She looked around for something, anything, to use as a weapon, as she stumbled, unsteadily onto her feet.
She didn't get much time to find anything though, as suddenly the ground beneath her was replaced by a small Australian robot, wheeling around.
"Hop on love!" Mk.10 said as he sped out of the way of the cat.
"What's happened?" Jayne asked as she sat astride the now very tiny mech.
"That might be my fault!" Mk.10 said, as he weaved around the panicked people. "I kinda spooked the kitty!"
"I don't think the kitty's the one that should be scared now!" replied the pilot as Mk.10 launched a grappler at the bar and, grabbing a crewmember in each hand lifted himself, Jayne and them off the ground and up on top of the bar.
Jayne climbed off the droid and looked down over the edge of the counter. "We need to get the cat outside, and shut the doors!" she said "Then we can all regroup and work out what to do about this!"
"Then we need a distraction!" said one of the crewmen that Mk.10 had rescued.
"How do you distract a cat when you're three inches tall?" Mk.10 asked.
"It's a cat!" replied Jayne "They like chasing things!"
"It's got enough to chase down there!" Mk.10 asked
"Then we need to get everyone up off the floor..." She yelled down to everyone to climb up onto a chair or table, but her voice was too small to carry, so Mk.10 yelled the order to climb through his loudspeaker.
Everyone seemed to get the message and began climbing up anything they could find.
"How this even gonna help?" Mk.10 asked "Cat's CAN climb.."
"Like I said, we're giving it something to chase out of the room!" Jayne replied
"But what? You can't exactly use a crew member, they're all edible as far as the cat's concerned!"
"Then we use something inedible..."
"Like what?"
Jayne smirked.
"Hang on...wait..no. I saved your life!"
"Now you get to save everyone else's too!" she gave Mk.10 a swift kick, and he toppled over the edge of the bar, the cat saw this and immediately headed toward him, so he ran, at full speed toward the doors.
"Now!" Jayne yelled "We need to figure out how to shut the doors! Fast!"
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