[JMC_Blue_Dwarf] "LOL Cat of Doom"þ

"Oh dear. I'm afraid that you are in clear violation of Space Corps directive 45753 beta. No feline allowed on board without first going through quarantine and examination." Tara stepped through the doors and closed them behind her, locking the bolts. "Please wait here whilst I find a suitable container to transport you to the Quarantine decks."
The giant cat lumbered through the power to bar hunting and searching for the miniature crew members of Blue Dwarf.
Omar leaned out from behind the chair leg of one of the bar stools spied a discarded peanut on the floor and so picked it up and targeted under his right arm and charged forward towards the giant cat.
He then stopped in mid-pace as he got closer towards tight and hurled the peanut overarm like a NFL linebacker and the peanut sailed through the air to bounce off the giant cat's nose.
It then reached up and rubbed its nose with one of its paws and then trundled for towards the very small and significant man which was now clearly focused on and particularly annoyed with.
Omar watched as the giant cat came towards him and out stretched his arms and guilt at the giant cat at the top of his lungs saying " come on you overgrown fleabitten to bit moggy I'll av ya".
It was then at this point the cat swiped out Omar with one of its giant oversized paws and sends him catapulting upwards into the air.
Omar flyer sales through the air and over a table and lands in a large pint glass which is still half full of beer.
In he lands with a splosh and thrashes about in the beer drinking in several mouthfuls as he coughed and splutters "glug, glug, hic" and swims about in the beer.
Meanwhile Wolfgang Sweetsly ran about and crazed manner looking whilst shouting "Hasselhoff saved me" and it looks for somewhere safe to hide from the giant cat.
As he runs he soon spots someone vaguely familiar running just ahead of him which he soon realises it is Amber FeBuggure so he decides to yell at her to get her attention in the hope that she need be able to help him "you zare Fräulein Amber I..."
But in mid sentence Wolfgang Sweetsly whilst running he collided straight into Seymour Niples.
The then immediately started grappling with each other as well as shouting at each other in an effort to get away somewhere safe to hide from the giant cat.
Seymour Niples: whimpering and yelling at the same time at Wolfgang says "as royal ambassador I demand that you get out of my way"
Wolfgang Sweetsly: "Nein, as health and safety officer and for my health I demand that you get out of my way".
However as the two men squabble, the giant cat stalks towards them and as a result the only thing they know about it at the last minute is the large booming meow from the giant cat as it towers above them.
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