A Bugger of a Problem

Who: Dewey Walsh, Where: Parrots, When: A Little Bit After the Shrinking
"Nothing like a good *hick* drink to wrap up the evening," he said guzzling a drop of tequila off of the floor.
"*hick* I had no idea....I was this *hick* short. Maybe if I drink more it will go away."
A short view of him was seen off the ceiling, and the what-ever-it-was-that-saw-him zoomed straight at Dewey.
"Aaaaaah!" he screamed, recovering somehow (or maybe just for plot reasons). "RUUUN! GIANT ROACH!" He ran across the tiled floor, slipping on alcohol drops and cigar ash.
His one companion, also drunk, for the evening was named Fiona. She was a very nice girl, not accustomed to being three inches tall, but was still number one of Dewey's list.
Fiona dashed along beside Dewey, running as fast as she could, and slipping more often than not.
The roach pursued. "I had no idea Parrots had roaches!" Dewey yelled, "Why didn't I notice!"
"The insect farm had a hole in it made yesterday!" Fiona screamed back.
"By accident!"
"Aaaaaaaaaah!" they screeched in a chorus as the roach took them off the ground and into the air.
Fiona punched at its abdomen, and Dewey failed to rip off one of its legs.
"WHY THE SMEG ARE WE BEING ATTACKED BY A ROACH THIS BIG?!" he yelled even louder than before.
"We must be only three inches tall! That would this roach over six inches!"
"That's a DAMN BIG ROACH!" Dewey replied.
The roach swooped down and was suddenly eaten by a cat.

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