Pancake picks up the parcel - part 1

Who: Justin, Dean, Rosette, Efof, Rufus and a Ninja Prozzie
Where: Sorting Office
When: Snip
The ground beneath them all started to rumble and shake. The very floor of the sorting room started to move, and all it's contents began to shift around on invisible conveyors and the tiles shifted about.
"This is bad right?" Efof chipped in, as he and Dean were shuffled towards the dangerous Ninja.
<end snip>
Dean and Efof were probably the Blue Dwarf's biggest idiots, second to Justin. No.... Justin was an asshole, not an idiot. Both Dea nand Efof stood there, being dragged across the floor towards the ninja, who roundhoused Dean immediately. He flew through the air, and crashed (like Dean always does) into the cargo container that held Justin's package.
The Ninja spun around, ready to take on Efof. She moved her hands around her head, showing off her dexterity and marshal arts skills. Efof should have had an advantage here, as he had four arms. He tried the same but ended up with them all tied in a knot. She kicked him in the groin, and he bent over. But then stood up again.
The woman was confused.
"My testicles are on my head, not in my groin." He said happily.
"Oh, sorry." Said the woman and bashed him on the head. He fell to the floor screaming in agony for many minutes.
The ninja jumped onto a moving platform, opposite her, Rosette was on a similar platform goin in the opposite direction. As they fought they exchanged punches.
Justin watched, annoyed that Rosette just wouldn't turn into a superior spider and kick that bitch's ass. He glanced at the cargo container, which was not on the opposite side of the room to the ninja. He considered helping Rosette, but this fight looked like it could go on for a long time.
"Perfect." He thought, and picked up the keys that Dean had dropped.
"Justin!" A voice called to him. It was Rufus, who was holding a long thin package which it looked like he was going to use to hit the ninja with, but was struggling holding the large object – nevermind swinging it. "Can you help me hit her?"
Justin considered it and stepped towarsds him, but then looked back at the cargo container. He saw something he hadn't noticed before. "The corridor of infinite perversions" was written on the container. This was the message which he'd seen the mysterious time travelling Potential writing everywhere for him. It was at every key moment in his life when he needed some guidance.
"Sorry." Justin called back. "I need to find this parcel first."
Rufus sighed, and later got kicked in the face by the ninja.
Justin put the key in the lock and turned. The metal door to the cargo container opened with a creak. Justin peered into the darkness and saw a package on the floor. He felt his heart beating. This small box represented his first mission from William Eckerslike, a man with a lot of power. If he completed this mission successfully, he would be on his way to being a JMC captain himself.
He bent down and reached for the box. It was a deep green plastic box, about 30cm wide with a handle on top. It looked like a tool box, with clips on one side to open it. Justin looked around, seeing that Rosette and the Ninja were still busy. He had some time.
He started to open the clips on the box. Nervously, he wanted to know what was inside. What was it that was so important that Eckerslike wanted him to collect.

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