Pancake & partner protect proof of plan

Who: Justin and Rufus
Where: Charged plasma channels, Nivelo 38
When: A short while later
Justin and Rufus made their way to Nivelo 38 via the air ducts and service tunnels so that they weren't spotted by any guards who might be looking for him. They came out on a ledge hanging by a thread over some channels of searing hot green plasma. These channels took plasma away from the Blue Dwarf's engines, they were open to the air to allow them to be cooled easily, and also for the heated air to recirculate around the ship. It did make the entire room feel like a sauna, and look like an industrial hell.
A ledge hung over the red hot plasma containing four battered and rusty storage lockers. These lockers weren't supposed to be here initially, but after some accident (or alien invasion) they had slipped through from a hole on the deck above, and fallen into place here. The hole above had been since welded up, but the storage lockers remained here, hanging precariously on a precipice over a river of oozing red hot liquid.
Justin fell out of the ventilation duct, followed by Rufus. "W-W-Wow that was an amazing journey." Rufus said. "I couldn't help but stare at your b-b-bum when we were crawling."
"Please... just don't say things like that." Justin said, swallowing back some sick which had crept into his mouth. "I'm not interested, okay?"
Rufus' eyes went watery, like he was going to cry. Then he laughed. "I know you're only joking, silly!"
"Look, just stay back here. Don't go near the edge." Justin said.
"Oh look at you big b-b-boy, trying to protect me!" Said Rufus. "You do take good care of me." He beamed, and sat down.
Justin shuddered and opened up the storage locker. "What's this piece of junk doing in here?" He said, and brought out a framed painting, and threw it behind him where it fell off the ledge and into the fiery hot plasma below. Seymour's extremely valuable portrait of a woman with large bosoms melted and burned away.
He placed the recording device in the locker and set a pin number on the lock. Justin knew the lock wasn't very strong and could be broken easily, but hoped that nobody would know it was here except him and Rufus. He looked at Rufus and wondered if he could trust him. The man was bizarrely infatuated with him now, but what about when the chemical effect of the drug wore off?
Rufus' radio made a noise and he rummaged in his pocket to get it out. "Captain Chrysler to Rufus, Chrysler to Rufus." Came the voice.
"Hello Jay!" Said Rufus.
"Rufus, are you with Justin?" The voice came through the radio. "Holly has been hacked, we can't locate your position. Tell us where you are."
"Um...." Said Rufus, and looked at Justin – who at the moment looked like the most beautiful being in the word, whom Rufus was totally in love with.
"Rufus....?" Asked Jay.
<OOC – Rufus, will you betray your beloved Justin and alert Jay to where you are? Or will you help him get away and back onto Fourth Base?>

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