RE: [JMC_Blue_Dwarf] Pancake & partner protect proof of plan

<snip>Rufus' radio made a noise and he rummaged in his pocket to get it out. "Captain Chrysler to Rufus, Chrysler to Rufus." Came the voice.
"Hello Jay!" Said Rufus.
"Rufus, are you with Justin?" The voice came through the radio. "Holly has been hacked, we can't locate your position. Tell us where you are."
"Um...." Said Rufus, and looked at Justin – who at the moment looked like the most beautiful being in the word, whom Rufus was totally in love with.
"Rufus....?" Asked Jay.</snip>The radio fell from the pathway they were on, between the decks, and into the plasma flowing below."Oops" Rufus said with a sly grin, aimed directly at Justin.  Justin smiled in return because he knew his future was becoming more secure.  The only problem was getting the real vial of Hymenoptera Potion back."I know wh-where that ch-chemical is." Rufus stuttered, although the power of the love potion seemed to be making it better while he was in the presence of his one true love.  Unfortunately for him, he was someone elses love too."Where the hell did you go?" Rosette said, making her way down a walkway above the plasma.  "I know you went this way... so where the hell are you?" she asked, holding a pistol out in front of her as she moved.  The safety was on, of course, because she knew Rufus was heading this way too.  She rounded a corner, and spotted them both as they started to head towards the science labs again.Justin froze for a moment.  "Rosette... what a pleasant surprise!" he said in the usual tone that made Rosette want to shoot him.  "what the hell are you doing with Rufus?" she asked, but Rufus stayed by Justin...Justin fingered the vial of love virus in his pocket.  There was still a bit left... If only he could get a bit closer to Rosette, he could finally have her all to himself!  Using a lust-fueled boost of speed, Justin sprayed the remaining parts of the virus vial at Rosette, who dropped her gun as she started to choke on it."What the... *cough* what the hell was that?  it tastes terrible..." Rosette splurted, before finally getting back to her feet, gun in hand."Well?" Justin asked.  Rosette looked quizically."well what?" she asked.  To which Justin could only turn to Rufus.  "why isn't it working?" He asked."W-well... From experiments, the vi-virus doesn't affect p-people who are already in l-love." he replied."Love virus?" Rosette thought.  She looked at the two of them, and the way they were standing together.  "do you....?" she started, and began to lose her concentration on the moment, her mind whirring away, trying to make sense of it all.  Before she got to grips with it, they were both gone...<tag you two!>

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