What the Chin?

Who: Rufus, JustinWhere: Blue Dwarf Level/Nivelo 38When: Sniptacular~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~---- Snip ----"well what?" she asked.  To which Justin could only turn to Rufus.  "why
isn't it working?" He asked."W-well... From experiments, the vi-virus doesn't affect p-people who are already in l-love." he replied."Love
virus?" Rosette thought.  She looked at the two of them, and the way they were standing together.  "do you....?" she started, and began to lose her concentration on the moment, her mind whirring away, trying to make sense of it all.  Before she got to grips with it, they were both gone...---- End Snip ----Rufus trailed after Justin like a lost puppy, although he was totally happy to do so. For some reason, he couldn't imagine doing anything better. It was of course in his mind that Justin was the scum of the Dwarf and that he wanted to side with the Hymies, but then, some people did fall for the bad boys. He sighed as Justin led him through Level 38, with the number of twists and turns he was taking, Rufus half thought that Justin was trying to lose him."He.. Hey Justin. Where are we going?" "To your lab." He said, trying not to look back at the lovelorn boy."You can't get in this way, it's not on this deck." Rufus said, breaking into a jog to come level with Justin."I know that stupid, I'm going to go in through the air vents. Usually about now Potential would be helping me with signs for the Corridor of Infinite Perversions." Justin said, trying his best to imagine he was talking to Holly, and not a love sick, virus infected gay-boy."Oooh,that sounds like fun! Lets go there!" Rufus said, grabbing hold of Justin by the arm and grinning. Justin cringed and pulled away. "Besides, you can't get in through the vents to my lab, the lasers would slice your pretty face off. And I don't think that burns and scars would go with that sexy chin of yours." He pouted a bit, sulking that the traitor wasn't paying him any attention."What the?... Chin?..." Justin picked up his pace and headed for a turbo-lift. There weren't any rules about him abusing the knowledge the boy had. "I'm going to need to slap a spaniel after this, you are really beginning to piss me off FeBuggure..." Justin said, apparently unaware at the number of innuendo's he was spouting."Aww, you don't have to be like that sweetie, I've got a really big sausage dog you can play with, we don't need to go back to my lab. You know I've got a Boxer in my shorts that you can have a go at right now..." Rufus said, the love virus making him say things that admittedly, were even making his author blush. "You gotta be kidding me..." Justin mumbled and jogged towards the Turbo-lift. He was a few meters ahead of Rufus when he sprinted into the lift, hammering on the science deck for Rufus' lab. Being limited in speed by his limp, Rufus hobbled after him, shouting."Wait for me honey! I can tell you the passwords to my heart! I mean... My lab! Yeah! I can get you into my lab. Unless you want me to get into your lab, know what I mean?" Justin put his head in his hands, wondeing if this was prehaps going to be the Turbo-lift of infinite perversions, and stuck his foot in the door to stop it closing. "In. Passwords. Now." Was all he managed to say, before Rufus let out a squeal of delight and walked into the lift, 'tripping' over the lip and falling into Justin. "Aww, thank you sweetie. You'll always catch me when I fall right?""Get off...."---- Several tortuous minutes later. ---- Rufus hummed as he walked down the corridor to his lab and turned just before he reached the door, looking Justin right in the eyes."Before I open the door for you... Tell me. Why do you need to go in here?" He asked playfully."Just open the door so I can get the right potion! You limp wristed orphan!" Justin snapped, banging his fist on the wall next to Rufus head."Oh... Oh well. When you put it that way. I can't do that." Rufus said, his face crestfallen. "It's not in there... You know i wouldn't lie to you right pookie?""Not... In... There?" Justin was beginning to shake even more than his alcohol induced tremors now. "But.... I think I can tell you where it is, if.. if you p.. promise me one thing....?" Rufus asked, keeping his eyes down now."What is it?" Justin said, putting up with this because of his future, his shining glorious future as a Captain of a human-hymie ship. His very own command, respect and power at his very fingertips. Also thinking anything as long as it didn't involve tradesmen....."Will you g... go out on a date with me?" <Tag!>OOC - Oh man... Sorry... I'm laughing so much... =p

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