OOC - New character - "John Bromin"

Hi everyone, I would like to introduce Sean, whose job aboard Blue Dwarf is an Emergency medical technician. John is an alien, a survivor from the planet Carnitech, so shares something in common with Efof!
His biography is below, or your can see it on the website here: http://www.bluedwarf.co.uk/crew/medical/john-bromin
Character Name: John Bromin
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Species: Plasmoidian
Nationality: Stargus island
Department: Medical
Job: Emergency medical technician
Character's Physical Appearance
2.61 meters tall, 290lbs , 2 pitch black eyes, blue tinted gray greased back hair, gray skin, looks like a black and white photo, a translator box, and a wristwatch that has the letters J+D etched into the back of it in black, looks like a black and white photo.
Character's Personality and Interests
He is Forgetful, Lazy, loves chocolate, has crippling fears of: the color pink, vats of paint, and hamsters, he is fascinated with holograms, and he wants to open a clinic on New Vegas (So he can be a real doctor)
Character's history/background story
One of two survivors of the destruction of the planet Carnitech, John Bromin was hated by everyone he ever met because he drank fanta. When he was 5 his older brother pushed him into a vat of pink paint (To see if he could swim), ever since he has had a crippling fear of the color pink, vats of paint, and for some odd reason hamsters. His best friend Dave Daint is a hologram that he found on Kalte Mond, a moon in the salacious system. He took 2 years of med school when he was 10.
Character's favorite phrases/sayings
"I don't even want to know how this happened"
"Get me a fanta."
"I wish I had some toast."

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