Pancake provokes the programmed PM

Who: Justin and Rufus
Where: Outside Rufus' lab
When: After Rosette took the vial of Hymie juice
"What is it?" Justin said, putting up with this because of his future, his shining glorious future as a Captain of a human-hymie ship. His very own command, respect and power at his very fingertips. Also thinking anything as long as it didn't involve tradesmen.....
"Will you g... go out on a date with me?"
<end snip>
"No. Smeg off." Said Justin.
Rufus looked crestfallen, although the power of the love he felt for Justin gave him persistence to not give up. "Why?"
"Cos I don't play for that team." He said honestly.
"I don't like sports either. That's another thing we have in common!" Rufus said, gripping Justin's arm, who brushed it off.
Justin opened the door to Rufus' lab and looked around. "The vial... it's not here."
"Oh thats a shame, lets do something fun instead." said Rufus. "Like a romantic picnic!"
Justin ignored him. "Holly, where's the vial?"
"Eyup dudes." Said Holly. "What's going on here then? Is there romance in the air then eh?" Holly said, pointing his nose at Rufus who was rubbing his face up and down Justin's arm.
"Just an accident with a love virus. It's handy though because he'll do anything I tell him, apart from GO AWAY!"
Rufus grinned. "You love me really, I can tell." He said. "You're not admitting it, but I bet you do."
"Holly, where is the vial?"
"Wot vial?"
"You know, the stuff that turns people into Hymenoptera. The super awesome potion."
"Rosette took it." He said.
Justin punched himself in the head. "Potential didn't say how hard this was going to be!" He said.
Holly didn't reply, his image was frozen in mid speech. Then it flickered and his screen went off.
Rufus pressed a few buttons on a computer. "Honey bun, we've been hacked!" He said. "All internal communication is offline. You know what this means?"
"We're doomed!" Justin said.
"No!" Said Rufus, taking his phone out of his pocket and throwing it away. "We can be alone with no distractions!" He did a sexy walk over to Justin and licked his finger, then ran it down the front of Justin's jumpsuit.
"Err... I don't think so." Justin said. "I think you'd better go see Captain Chrysler about what's going on and how to fix it."
Rufus sighed. "You're right. But stay right here honeybun. I want you to wait for me. Preferably without clothes."
Justin shuddered.
Who: Rufus and Justin
Where: Flight deck
When: After Rufus came back from Jay's office
"Oh there you are honey!" Rufus said, finding Justin skulking around the flight deck. Justin sighed.
"Just leave me alone okay, I'm waiting for Rosette. I heard she was coming this way. I need that vial."
"Yes she's coming on the Starbug with me to Mollopod." Rufus explained. "We could hide you aboard!"
"Excellent. In a storage locker or something?" Justin said.
"Yes. There's one just under the legs of the science console in the cockpit, maybe you could stay there secretly then pop out to-"
"NO – WAY." Justin made it clear. "There's no way I'm hiding between your legs for any period of time."
Rufus pulled a mock sad face.
"Why are we going to Mollopod anyway?" Justin asked.
"I need some D.I.C.C."
"Of course you do."
Who: Rosette, Rufus, Justin, Seymour and Wolfgang
Where: Mollopod planet
When: Whilst the giant David Cameron causes havoc
As they walked to the edge of the stadium, an announcer's voice chimed over megaphone. "One hundred Earth years ago, the country Great Britain, birthplace of our illustrious Human Queen, received a new leader. The glorious David Cameron!"
Rosette ignored the giant David Cameron, which was her obvious responsibility as a Security officer, and followed Rufus, all the while trying to think of a way to get him to snap out of it.
Justin quietly snook out of the storage locker on the Starbug and followed after Rosette. Without him even realising what was happening, the giant robotic David Cameron picked him up and held him aloft in it's giant robotic claws. "Help, help!" He cried, but the sound of the crowd was too loud for anyone to hear.
A team of Mollopod javelin throwers lined up and threw their sharp pointy javelins at the robot. They pierced his thin robotic shell which caused the mechanical Prime Minister to short circuit and drop Justin to the ground.
Luckily, he fell onto a squishy Mollopod, who exploded under the pressure and broke his fall.
"Rosette!" Justin called to Rosette up ahead, assuming she still had the vial. She and Rufus turned around, and both looked horrified. Another robot had appeared, and had also started to malfunction. This one was the robot of Nick Clegg, who was ready to pound his massive metal fist onto Justin.
<Tag Rufus or Rosette, do you save Justin from getting flattened? >

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