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> Somewhere in outerspace the bounty vessel Capture 1, it's onboard computer Hab has been piloting Capture 1 in search for a seemingly rogue assassin cyborg that was A.W.O.L. It's crew two of the galaxies most decorated bounty hunters.
> Profile 1: Douglas Katchum or "Doug The Bounty Hunter" as he is known in the buisness. Doug is a true grit, kick-ass kind of guy who gets the job done by any means possible.
> Profile 2: Grant Sullivan, learning the trade from Doug, Sullivan is a hard as nails wise guy who's meathods are sometimes unorthadox, never the less he gets results.
> "This is onboard computer Hab to Doug the Bounty Hunter report to mid section for briefing" calls Hab as Doug's stasis pod opens and Doug awakens and makes his way to the mid section of Capture 1.
> "What is it Hab? is the rouge cyborg in range?" asked Doug "Not realy the reason i woke you is because a few days ago the tracking device on the drone was activated, tee minus thirty minutes ago it just stopped."Hab explained "What do you mean just stopped a signal doesn't just stop unless.." Doug ponders "OH we got ourselves a good one, you see Hab the signal didn't just stop the drone it tracked it's tracking device and destroyed it, odds are it'll know people are looking for it. How far was the signal before you lost it?" asked Doug "two maybe three light years the signal was traced... the JMC craft Blue Dwarf." Doug paced up and down "Right i'm back off into stasis release me the moment we are in within hailing range lives could depend on it, pray we're not too late."
> > end snip
> Who: Sketch 300 and Holly.
> Where: Sketch's quarters on Blue Dwarf.
> When:Present Ship time.
> "Well how did it go?" asked Holly "All deleated, every corrupted file gone which has given me expidenchally more room for my jokes and gags ones that i'd have had to deleate old ones before i could copy those into my files." said Sketch.
> "Corrupted files eh? well it takes allsorts. So will you be test running some of those new jokes and gags this evening?" Holly enquired
> "Too right Hol, tonight Parrots bar gets the new and improved Sketch 300 show so if you don't mind i've got books to digest jokes and gags to fill my data banks with and tee minus three hours to do so."
> So with that Holly went off screen and Sketch prepaired for the evenings entertainment blissfully unaware of the pending doom from Doug the Bounty Hunter.
> >Tag. Ok new twist on Sketch's story but should be a good one. Watch this space and "Smoke me a kipper i'll be back for breackfast."
Ships log: Star date:- Smeg Knows, Time:- Half past the end of Sketch's show at Parrots bar or in laymans terms late evening.
A while back Sketch 300 requested some data be removed from his memory. The classified data was removed along with uknown corrupted files. With the new space in his memory Sketch 300 added a back log of 20th century jokes and gags that he always wanted to tell. The show this evening went down a riot ( told him not to tell any jokes about the Welsh). End of Ships log on board computer Holly.
>end snip
Who: Doug the Bounty Hunter and Hab.
Where: On board Capture 1.
When: A month after they lost Sketch's tracking signal.
"This is Hab to Doug we are with in hailing range of the JMC Blue Dwarf." annouced Hab as Doug made his way to the controle room.
"Ok Hab open all hailing frequencies in all languages including Welsh." ordered Doug "Hailing frequencies open ready for your transmission." replied Hab.
"This is Doug the Bounty Hunter calling the JMC Blue Dwarf do you copy?" Holly appeared on the screen "Who hails? Friend or Foe or are you just asking for directions?"
"Doug Katchum is the name and bounty huntin's ma game, now I wish to speak with your captain the lives of the crew could depend on it as I suspect you got a hostile drone hiding among yall." Said Doug.
"Sorry dude but Captain Crysler is indesposed at this moment in time, care to leave a message and I'll get him to contact you A.S.A.P."
"Look as I said a hostile assasin droid may be hiding on your ship now the sooner you let the captain know the sooner we can start evacuating the crew and catch this drone, you got 24 hours for your captain to contact me or me and ma pardner is coming aboard warrent in hand. Katchum out."
With that Holly goes to Katrina as he suspects the drone in question could be his old mate Sketch who is totaly obliviouse to his past thanks to Katrina, the clock is ticking 24 hours downwads.
>tag: Katrina, Holly needs you to get the message to the captain before its too late the last thing Blue Dwarf needs is a run in with Doug the Bounty Hunter.

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