Carpe Diem

OOC - Jp between me and SMAndy again.    =p Who: Rosette, Rufus, Justin, Others.Where: Mollopod.When: During the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~---- Snip ----"Rosette!" Justin called to Rosette up ahead, assuming she still had the vial.She and Rufus turned around, and both looked horrified. Another robot hadappeared, and had also started to malfunction. This one was the robot of Nick
Clegg, who was ready to pound his massive metal fist onto Justin.---- End Snip ----"Perfect timing from a long dead democrat..." Rosette joked, and turned to leave, grabbing hold of Rufus' arm, hoping he wouldn't go running to save him. "Let go, let go! Let go!!" Rufus yelled pulling away from Rosette as best he could, trying to get to Justin. "My love-monkey is going to be squished!" The scientist resisted the woman's insistent attempts at removal."Look, you're a scientist, not a fighter... If you're going to.. insist... on saving him, at least stay back while I work with security..." She said, instantly hating what she'd just said.  'I really need to find how to fix this...' she thought as she held Rufus back."You're the best hon'! I'll have to get you a pedicure after all this is over. Amber knows of this great place on the Promenade, apparently Seymour goes there all the time!" Rufus said, standing in a very stereotypical way for someone who was batting on the wrong side of the fence. He stopped resisting Rosette and aimed her at the GNC (Giant Nick Clegg) and gave her a little shove. "Go get 'em tiger." Her blew her a little fake kiss and dashed off to hide behind the giant high jump mat. Rosette blushed, and wondered if that meant there was hope still.  With a shudder as she noticed the way he was standing, she turned to not have to look at it.Quickly, she broke into a run heading towards the giant malfunctioning robot.  A nearby security guard threw her rifle as she got close.  It was loaded and aimed before she arrived to the scene.  The security team surrounded it, and began their operation."Don't worry about him, just shoot the damn thing." Rosette ordered, and opened fire. "Come on! aim for the legs, at least get rid of its mobility!" Rosette called, strafing the mechanical monstrosity.  Very quickly though, Rufus was nearby calling out inspiration, both to Justin and to the security team.  As the giant Nick Clegg moved towards him, Rosette tossed her gun away, and ran straight towards him, knocking the young scientist to the ground, and she landed on top.  Just at that moment, the giant robots foot landed where he had been standing."I told you to keep away..." she said, and then noticed that she was lying on top of him."Oooh err... Look at you all hot and sweaty." Rufus said, unusually calm and collected considering that a beautiful woman was sat on him. "Now are you going to get off me and save my Justin, or am I going to have to pout?" He said, still managing to get his hand on his hip. He raised an eyebrow and pouted at Rosette."You know... there is someone around that has feelings for you.." She said, knowing that Justin felt nothing for him.  Lying on top of him was as good a time as any to tell him."I know. He's so dreamy isn't he?" The oblivious scientist said, gazing across at Justin."No! not him! snap out of it already..." she said, resting her head on his chest in frustration for a moment.  "I mean... me."  She gave a weak smile, half expecting him to throw her off and run towards Justin."What?" Said Rufus, staring at Rosette. "You?" Something pulled inside him, like all the muscles in his torso tightening at once. "I think I'm going to be sick..." "Think about it... how much time have I spent in your lab?  Haven't you noticed me watching you?" she said, getting a little exasperated now.  She tried to think of another way to tell him, but in the heat of the moment, she was drawing a complete blank."Y..Yeah, but it's no more than Amber spent in my lab and I don't fancy my sister do I?" He said, beginning to feel uncomfortable now. The pain in his chest was getting tighter. "G.. Get off m... Me... I.. C.. Can't breathe."  Rosette rolled off of him quickly.  "I'm sorry..." She said, hoping it wasn't just a rouse.  The fight against the robotic Nick Clegg in the background was going well without her, which was lucky; she wouldn't have helped if they needed it. Rufus sat up and shuffled backwards into the high jump mat. He glanced over at Justin who was still trying to fend off the enormous foot of the Deputy of the 'ConDem' party. He looked back at Rosette and his head swam as if he had spun in circles for hours."Urh...." He groaned."I... think I know something that will help you feel better..." she said, helping him to his feet."Y-yeah?" he said, almost returning to his usual self.  This was taken as a good sign, but as he looked up at the woman who was standing right in front of him... he expected her to say something... Instead, she just placed a hand either side of his head to stop him from getting away, and planted her lips firmly on his. 'If this doesn't work.. Nothing will...' She thought, as every moment she'd spent with him the past months flew by again in her head. Rufus pulled away, turning a bright shade of cherry tomato red. He stammered a few unintelligible syllables before promptly passing out.<Tag anyone really...>

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