carnitech and bromin

OOC- Man this post took a while, I went through eight revisions and about 40 cups of tea to get this just right (I loved every cup, I had it imported from a shop in the uk) so I hope you all enjoy reading this as much as I did trying to drink 40 cups of tea in two weeks.
Who: Roy, and john bromin
Where: Stargus island, Carnitech
When: 2098
The shells flew into the air hitting one of the spider ships knocking it into a nearby building witch crumbled to the ground with a cloud of dust. Three figures sat in a foxhole
"Listen you two these THINGS are killing our whole army and we're running out of tea, so I need you guy's to get on escape ship 12, and contact our allies the Mollopods" the soldier said with a sense of duty,as shells flew overhead and hit one of the bugs toppling it over.
Roy and John ran into the street ducking from house to house avoiding the crashing ships. they looked back as the soldier was harpooned by the leg of one of the bugs. Roy knew the planet wouldnt last long
Roy, and John hid in the church, The church was half destroyed, but the flag stood proud. John sat down, and began to cry "We aren't going to win. They outnumber us 500 to 1" Roy put a copy of the holy book in johns pack, looked at him, and said "Everything is going to be Ok little brother, once we are on escape ship 12 its just a hop, and a skip to the Mollopods home-world" John looked up at his brother "Will they have tea?" john wiped the tears from his eyes "Im sure they will have all the tea we can drink, so lets get going before it all runs out"
John stood up, Roy moved to the ancient door, "All clear" Roy said to John. They ran as fast as they could towards the ship. Escape ship 3 was shot down, causing an explosion that sent john hurtling into the ship unconscious with broken legs, and shrapnel in his chest, Roy wasn't so lucky, he was killed in the blast.
John was lifted up by a medi-droid and dropped into a cryo-chamber with a heavy thud breaking his left arm the medi-droid proceeded to enter the password to activate the chamber (witch just happened to be 999) walked over to its container and shut itself off
The escape ship was fresh off the assembly line, the army star was still wet, the control console hadn't even been fully installed yet, but the ship glistened with the most beautiful shine. The escape ship series started production when the resource wars began in 2050 (They lasted till 2097, when The Hymenoptera started their invasion, wich caused the nations of the planet to band together in an attempt to save the planet)
Who: John Bromin
Where: evacuation ship 12 in orbit around the mollopod home-world
When: 12 years later
"This is an automated distress signal from evacuation ship 12. Please rescue us with all do haste, as we have a wounded passenger. This message Is being broadcast on all channels, and will repeat for your convenience." The ship was a shell of what it once was, there were gashes in the lower part of the ship, and rafters hanging down, what was left of the ship was bathed in an eerie red glow, and the paint was rusted off except for the Carnitech flag (witch happened to look like the American flag with 13 stars arranged in a circle and one in the center). A lone Cryostasis chamber sat in the corner, a mist foaming over the edge, it contained the bruised and broken john bromin, still in his uniform, with a pained look on his face.
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(Posted by Sean Sells AKA John Bromin)

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