Rosette & Rufus vs Justin: "Double Agent"

<ooc: justin! the love potion was supposed to have ended now, but never mind.  I can fix this!><snip>Justin had never taken a hostage before. But there's a first time for everything. "Tell me." he said. "Tell me it's not true that you destroyed the potion. I have to know.""Just hand Rufus over. Rufus, come over here." Rosette pleaded."I don't want to. I love Justin." Rufus said.Justin grinned. Perfect, a hostage who didn't want to be saved."I need proof you've destroyed the potion." Justin said. </snip>"Proof?  How can i give you proof that i don't have something any more?" Rosette asked.  "You're a moronic smeghead who deserves to be killed by the Hymenoptera, brought back as a hybrid, and then killed by Me.  Just to show you how awful those damn bugs are."Justin looked hurt for a moment..."Or how about we skip the pleasantries and I just kill you now?""No one needs to die..." Justin said, drawing a pistol and aiming it at Rosette.  "Hand it over!" He demanded."Hand WHAT over? I said I don't have it!" Rosette said.  She was used to these situations, and just needed to hold out until he made a mistake.  They always make a mistake."I-I'll do it!" Rufus said, stepping towards Rosette.  "I'll s-search her for it." He said, trying to hide the fact that he was blushing an almost luminous red.This was getting even better.  A hostage that didn't want to be saved, and was willing to help the captor!  Stockholm syndrome was a beautiful thing.  As Rufus stepped towards Rosette, he winked at her.  Their positioning meant there was no way Justin would see it, and Rosette fought the urge to smile back."It's ok.  I'm on your side..." Rufus whispered when he was close enough.  He faked searching her, though was too shy to admit that he was really enjoying it...--a long couple of minutes of near-groping later---"I've found it!" Rufus exclaimed, holding aloft a vial of liquid.  Rufus turned to walk away from Rosette, who pretended to go after it.  Justin raised his pistol in a threatening way, which forced her to back down."Perfect..." she thought, showing nothing but hatred on her face.  Instead of handing it over, however, Rufus slammed the end of the vial on Rufus' pistol, shattering the glass and covering the gun."You broke it!" Justin called out, wanting to hit his hostage.  In that split second, Rosette was there, drawing back her arm for the most powerful punch she'd ever given someone.  Justin pulled the trigger, and Rosette hit the ground."That'll teach him to go up against us..." Rose said as she got to her feet, stroking her throbbing fist.  "He has a hard jaw..."Justin lay on the ground a short distance away, his pistol melted into a puddle of silver goo, with half a label on a piece of glass next to it.  "GUNK" it said.Rosette turned to face Rufus.  "You are amazing..." she said.<tag either!>Get a new e-mail account with Hotmail - Free. Sign-up now.

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