As if there wasn't enough excitement already!

ooc- This one went alot faster than the last one did
Where: evac ship 12
when: a little while later
Who: john bromin
The ship rocked through the atmosphere the interior of the ship began to heat up. The tank that supplied the coolant for the cryo-chamber started to heat up so much that the tank expanded exponentially, and was ready to burst, John began to defrost, extreamly fast.
<snip> the evac ship had smashed though the upper tier of the Commonwealth games stadium, scattering masonry and charred Molopods in its fiery wake before it finally crashed down onto the stadium floor, gouging a wide burned strip out of the impeccably manicured grass as it bounced once, sailing over Justin, Rufus and Rosette's heads to finally smash through the Cleggbot and come to a rest on the far side of the stadium
A Molopod security detail flanked by a swarm of hovering kill-bots teleported in and trained their weapons on the evac ship
"You in the ship! Come out with your hands in the air!"</snip>
One of the molopods went up to the door with a battering ram and smacked the door with it a few times. The cryochamber came out at an extremely high velocity, a molopod was suctioned to the front of the chamber. The chamber flew up into the sky crashed back into the ground, and slid for 500 meters crashing into a wall(All with the molopod clinging on for dear life). The pod came to a complete stop, at the feet of three vary perplexed looking humans. The lid opened, and john stepped out beading on the ground said "Hymenoptera", and crashed to the floor, unconscious.

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