Still After D.I.C.C

Who: Rosette & Rufus"So... what are you actually doing on the surface?" Rosette asked, retrieving her weapon from the floor outside.  She winced as her fingers cracked, trying to grip the stock."Are you ok?" Rufus asked, noticing the blood on her hand."Yeah... I don't think all of its mine..." she said, wiping it in her shirt.  Luckily it was black, so the blood didn't show up much.  Her whole hand ached with the force she put into punching Justin.  He wasn't going to forget that punch for a while..."I was looking for some D.I.C.C." Rufus said, looking around for somewhere that might harbour such a device."But what about now?" Rosette asked.  "You don't still want that do you?""what?" Rufus asked, confused.  "OHH! It stands for Digital Inverted Communications Converter" He said, finally realising what she was on about.  Then he turned a bright shade of crimson."The only person on the planet that would be after D.I.C.C. as much as you were a few hours ago would be the Queen... Maybe she's already got some?" she joked, with a grin.<snip>"What happened?" Seymour demanded."It's Monsoon." Jayne said. "He's gone inside and locked the door. Then I heard the Queen screaming."Jayne hit the door again with her shoulder, trying to break it, but the solid wooden door wouldn't budge. "You try." Jayne said."In this suit? No chance." Said Seymour. </snip>"Move over" Rosette said as her and RUfus rounded the corner.  Most of the feeling had returned to her hand now, so she was able to wield her rifle more effectively now.  She'd heard what Jayne has said, and was ready for action again.  Together, the two women - the two strongest people in the small group - kicked the door down and in a coordinated and highly trained movement, they spread out around the room."Over here!" Jayne called as she found what was going on.  The Queen had locked herself in the bathroom, while Monsoon was stood in front of it with a fire axe, hacking away at the thick wooden door."Heeeeeere's Eddie!" he called out as he turned towards his assailants.  Rosette rounded the corner in time to see Jayne sidestep the attack and knock him into the centre of the room.Rosette moved in, and slammed the butt of her rifle into his head to knock him out, but it only served to make him nastier - green blood sprayed out of the wound."Green blood?" Jayne said as Monsoon continued."He's a bug." was all Rosette needed to say, before pulling the trigger on her rifle..."We need to get this body to Keto.... He'll be able to make sure." She said, as the two more squeemish men entered the room...<tag Jayne/Seymour/Rufus>Get a free e-mail account with Hotmail. Sign-up now.

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