Justin + John in hospital

<this is a JP between myself and John Bromin>
Where: Mollopod hospital
Who: John Bromin and Justin Pancake
"Don't worry, I'm a friend." Justin said. "My name is Justin."
"My name's John Bromin." John said clutching his arm, still not fully able to
make out his surroundings.
"Where am I!" John said in a panicked voice noticing the strangely coloured man.
"You crashed on the planet Mollopod, allies of the Humans." Justin said.
John thought a bit, *aren't humans food food for the Mollopods?*
"So... tell me what you know about the Hymenoptera, I'm a fan." Justin said in
an excited voice.
"They're bugs, what is there to say?" John said shrugging his shoulders.
Justin's eyes glazed over and he looked off blankly. "Yes, such magnificent
creatures. Perfect killing machines!" He said. "Did you know they have a hive
mind? What one sees, they all see. What one of them thinks, they all think. What
one feels..." Justin's voice tailed off and he turned to look straight at
Bromin. "Imagine, you'd never be alone again."
"Wow, and here I thought they just wanted to kill everyone, and destroy peoples
lives. Boy was I wrong" John said getting a little cross at Justin for saying
that, and noticing a flash of light coming from the closet.
"What's that?" Bromin asked. Justin peered into the closet, and opened the door.
A medical robot popped out, and pushed Justin aside with a mechanical arm.
The robot hovered over to the bed and started to scan Bromin with a flashing
"Ow my eyes!" said the alien man, and tried to get up off the hospital bed, but
straps came out automatically which held him in place. The medical robot shined
a pink light on him.
"Help me!" The alien man shouted. Then writhed in panic as the pink glow was
shone over him. "I ...aaagh! No, not the colour pink! Help me!"
"I'm not sure if I should." Justin said.
"Why?" Said Bromin, and the medical robot loomed closer over him, a mechanical
arms holding something over him menacingly.
"Because you were fighting the Hymenoptera. How many of them did you kill? A
hundred? More?"
"They were killing my people! Don't you understand?! It was an extermination!
Good people, we didn't deserve to be killed by your stupid evil Hymenoptera! Why
do you like them so much?"
Justin reached out and pulled the medical robot back.
"Error. Error." Shouted the medical robot. "Objective. Examine alien. Suspected
species Plasmoidian. Medical tests will be performed including dissection."
"Dissection?" Bromin asked.
"Affirmative." Said the robot.
"Why do you want to slice me up?"
"To put you into sandwiches for the hospital canteen. Plasmoidian is a tasty
alternative to Human."
"Crap!" Said John. "So the Mollopods have stopped eating Humans, but now eat
Justin pushed the robot against the wall, where it exploded and dropped to the
floor. Then as he unstrapped Bromin from the bed, the Plasmoidian asked him; "So
why are you rescuing me?"
"Because you hate Hymenoptera. I might be able yo convince you that they're
John shook his head. "No way. They're killing machines!" He tried to leave but
Justin pulled him back.
"We have to stick together and escape out of here." Justin said.
<Tag John, so shall we escape the Mollopod hospital? The Mollopods have advanced
technology so we might find something interesting along the way. What about your
Hologram friend Dave Daint? Where is he? We could rescue him from your ship?

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