**Actionette** Retaking the Ship.... For the Umpteenth time.

Who: Rosette, Jay, Katrina, Chris, Jayne, Rufus
Where: Mollopod & Dwarf
When: About now.
"Everyone here, we're off back to the Dwarf!" Jay said, hoping to recapture it
before Cassandra and Le Souteneur had a chance to take over more of it.
"Amber will still be onboard the Dwarf... If we can contact her, we'll be able
to coordinate something from inside, at the same time as boarding." Rosette
said - remembering their mission together to the Hymenoptera Homeworld.
"True. But communications are down. We'd need that back up before we can do
anything like that..." Jay replied, happy to have someone else suggesting
"We've got a full security team on standby, they should be able to make short
work of simple thugs." Chris piped up, adding to the tactical meeting.
At that moment, Rufus returned to the group. "I found some D.I.C.C." He said,
this time spelling it out, since it was obvious that no one was sure what he had
been on about.
"You mean you can get the communications up?" Jay asked. "Good work!"
"Right. If I go with Rufus, the two of us should be able to move around easier
alone." Rosette said, indicating Rufus. "A big security team will be
distraction enough that they won't expect this. And once Rufus is in place, I
can rejoin the fighting." She finished, completing the plans.
"Sounds good. The Phoenix is damaged, but still working fine. We should have
no trouble getting onto the ship with my command codes still in place." Jay
finished. Rufus seemed a little apprehensive about the plan, since it all
hinged on him being able to get communications back online.
Not much later
"I'll see you all back in the drive room when we win." Rosette said,
disappearing off with Rufus in tow. Moving slowly due to his limp, but taking
the most realistic route to the communications centre of the ship. It wasn't
long before they got there, Rufus entered with a kiss good luck, then the doors
closed, sealing him in - At least he'd be safe.
"Right. Now for some fighting..." Rosette said, readying her rifle. She began
the relatively long journey back to the security teams.
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