****Action**** Shadows in the Night

Who: Unknown.Where: Somewhere on the Dwarf.When: During the Security Assault.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The sound of gunfire echoed down the corridor, sounding like it was coming from the direction of the Promenade or at least somewhere in that vicinity. Shouting and profanity were distant, only slightly obtruding in on the meeting that was about to happen.A figure loitered in a doorway, an old room, filled with boxes and pipes that seemed to have no use at all. Seeing someone coming down the hallway, they ducked into the room and let the door shut behind them."Harris,
hold on I'll be there soon!" Rosette's voice echoed as she ran past, slowing briefly to change the clip in her gun and dash on up the hallway
to where the noise and gunfire was going on.A few minutes passed before steps could be heard coming up the hallway. The figure in the room pressed up against the door, holding the
door closed switch and listened. The footsteps approached the door, a low hiss emanated from the other side of the door, the figure hissed in return and let go of the switch. There were a few moments of silence as the pair seemed to eye each other up and wait for seclusion. "Is it all ready?" The original
resident of the room said."There have been delays. This incursion has altered our plans somewhat." The newcomer said."Surely it can work in our favour. Divert suspicion and even provide
an opportunity to frame Him."  There was a sly smile on their face, and
evil grin almost."Of course. One wrong move, a slight falsified
record or two and He'd be out of the picture." The gleeful note was not
hard to miss."What of Monsoon?" The original was unsure at this point."They
are aware. This could be a problem. However our defences should compensate enough for the plan to work.""Good, then we set things in motion. You know what you have to do. I will play my part as long as you can get Him out of the way. Like taking Royal Jelly from a Grub..." They hissed. "For the Hive." "For the Hive," The original said, walking out of the room and turning left.The newcomer looked around briefly for a moment before leaving and going the other way. No one saw their meeting. They were certain of that. <To Be Continued.>

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