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Jay had been taken by surprise a bit. There were lot less people in Le Souteners
gang when he left the ship it had seemed, now, they were everywhere, and right
now, a largish group of them had he and Jayne pinned down in a corridor on the
habitation decks.
"We need to push forward!" Jayne shouted as she popped her head around the side
of the vending machine she was using for cover, fired off a shotgun round one
handed and ducked back in.
"Thanks for the tactical analysis!" Jay remarked, reloading both of his handguns
one after the other before firing off a few rounds around the side of the
ornamental plant he was hiding behind. "Any suggestions?!"
Jayne leant around the side of the vending machine again, just for a second, but
long enough to see that Le Soutener's gang were edging down the corridor. They
were grossly outnumbered, and wouldn't last a second once they made it up to
this part of the corridor. She popped back into cover and blind-fired her
shotgun back down toward Le souteners men to slow them down a bit, and heard a
cry of "OW! You shot me in the shin you bitch!"
She smirked smugly as she heard that. "We need to fall back, and get out of the
corridor!" she suggested. Jay nodded, and pointed at a door, that led into
someones quarters. Jayne understood, and quickly entered her security override
code to unlock the door and slipped inside, Jay, rolled across the corridor and
into the same door.
The doors swished shut and Jay reset the lock from the inside.
"It won't take them long to break through" he said "But at least we have room to
manouvere in here…"
Jayne whistled as she gazed around the large living room. "Wow." She said "What
kind of ostentatious prick lives here?!"
She poked at an expensive looking vase on a pedestal, making in wobble slightly.
"Seymour" jay said flatly.
"Shoulda guessed…."
There was a banging at the door.
"smeg.." Jay muttered, and pressed himself up against the wall next to the door,
and gestured to Jayne to do the same. She nodded, and the captains genetic
duplicate mirrored him on the other side of the door.
The doors were suddenly yanked open by several pairs of arms, and a
pistol-wielding gang member carefully stepped through, Jayne grabbed him from
behind, and slid her combat knife silently across his throat, then pushed him
hard sending him toppling over, where his throat gushed dark red blood all over
Seymours expensive carpet.
Seeing this the next person to enter hesitated, but this only served to give Jay
the opportunity to reach around the door and yank him through, fire a shot into
the gangsters stomach and toss him to one side, soaking Seymours carpet once
The rest of the gang, however, were less keen to enter the room and instead
treated Jay and Jayne to a grenade, which rolled across the carpet.
The two Chrysler's shared a quick glance, then both darted across to a door on
their respective sides of the room and dived through, slamming the door shut
less than a second before the explosive went off.
The rest of the gang members now entered the devastated living room of Niple's
quarters. Jay and Jayne, their almost identical brains thinking the exact same
thing both kicked down the door behind which they had each sought refuge, Jay's
leading to the kitchen, Jayne's the bedroom and fired off several rounds each
from their weapons at the invading mobsters, killing a few and injuring more.
Jayne paused to reload her shotgun, and a large man, seized the opportunity and
launched himself at Jayne, bowling her over and onto Seymours four poster bed
and pinning her down in a way that might have made Micky jealous.
He let go of her forearms, and wrapped his hands around her throat, and begun to
squeeze. Jayne, blindly reached out with both arms, scrabbling for something,
anything to hit him with. Her fingers found purchase on an expensive looking
porcelain statue of Queen Brittany and smashed it over the thugs head, hard
smashing the statue into pieces.
This wasn't enough to knock him out, but it was enough for him to let go of
Jayne's throat, and gave her the chance to grab her shotgun, and try to finish
reloading it.
The mobster had gotten to his feet already though, so Jayne, having managed to
only shove a handful of shells into the chamber gave up trying to reload it, and
grabbed it by it's twin barrels and swung it like a baseball bat, the butt of
the gun landed a blow to the thugs head, dazing him for a second, the momentum
from the swing however caused the gun to snap shut in the middle, where it broke
open for the reload, and Jayne tossed it in the air, where it flipped and she
caught it again, this time facing the right way where she pulled the trigger.
The close range of the shot practically caused the mans head to dissolve in a
shower of gunpowder, blood and brain, which spread itself all over Seymour's
fine silk sheets.
Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Jay had smashed all but one bottle in Seymours
extensive wine rack by using the bottles as weapons against his attackers,
meaning Seymours carpet was now soaked in Red and white wine as well as broken
glass and a combination of dead and wounded gangsters. He leant against the wall
and slumped down to the floor, grabbing the last bottle of wine and smashing it
on the edge of the worktop to break off the top of the neck, poured the wine
into his Q.U.I.C.K.I.E. flask and gulped a few swigs down before getting to his
feet and wandering through to the living room as Jayne emerged from the bedroom.
They surveyed the state of the room, bullet holes littered the walls, ruining
Seymours floral wallpaper, his couch was covered in splits in the fabric, the
stuffing poking through, pieces of furniture, parts of the wallpaper and the
carpet were all on fire from the grenade, blood and various unappealing
substances stained various surfaces and all but one of Seymours expensive
decorations, ornaments and paintings was destroyed.
"Y'know…" Jayne said "One day Seymour will carry out his threats and demand the
Space Corp have you court-martialled for letting stuff like this happen to his
"ah who's gonna listen to him.." Jay said "C'mon, lets get to the drive room…"
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