Seymour - \"Queen paranoia\"

Who: Seymour, Queen Brittany
Where: Mollopod Homeworld, Queen's Palace
When: After the BD team left
Seymour decided to stay with Queen Brittany instead of going back up to the
ship. He took out the note which had been folded up in the breast pocket of his
Jacket and looked at it. It was the note warning that he'd been sent, telling
him that the Queen was in danger. Less than 24 hours ago, Eddie Monsoon had
attacked the Queen, and they'd revealed him as a green-blooded infiltrator.
Seymour paced the Queen's courtroom, as she sat on her magnificent throne
holding an iPad. "It just doesn't make sense." Seymour said.
"Sorry what? I was on Facebook."
"That note." Seymour waved it in front of her. "Someone warned me that you were
in trouble."
"I'm glad" Said Brittany. "Let me know who they are and I'll send them a message
on Facebook."
"I don't know." Said Seymour, perplexed. "I jolly well just don't know how they
know this Mr Monsoon was an infiltrator."
Brittany shrugged. "Maybe a friendly Hymenoptera?"
She chuckled and added "...if one could exist!" Then she laughed.
Seymour had an unlikely image of a Hymenoptera warrior bug creating the note by
cutting out words from newspapers and gluing them to a piece of paper. "It is
unlikely." He said.
Seymour put his finger to his lips. "I wonder if he knew he was half
"I thought you said he drank alcohol to stop his Hymenoptera side from taking
"No." Said Seymour. "That was Captain Calvert. A company called TransMed had
experimented on him and gave him a Hymenoptera virus. He kept this a secret his
entire life, but became a drunk to stop the Hymenoptera DNA from spreading
around his body."
Seymour pointed to the trail of green stained on the floor which the Mollopod
cleaners hadn't managed to get out of the carpet yet. "Monsoon was Irish, he
would have drank anyway. He might always have been a Hymenoptera but never
The Queen looked up from Facebook, her eyes widening. "Could I be a
"Of course not." Seymour said.
"How do you know?" She said. "I drink a lot. That might be stopping the
Hymenoptera DNA taking over!"
"Ridiculous! You're a Queen!"
"Insects have Queens!" Brittany said, freaking herself out.
Seymour walked over and put a gentle hand on the Queen's shoulders. "Ma'am. As
much as I hate it, your entire life has been a media circus since the day you
were born, and even a long time before. Every minute of your life is documented
by one sleazy magazine or another." He was distracted by a woman in the corner
of the room, who appeared to be making notes. "Who might that be?"
"Oh." Said Brittany. "She's doing an article with me for 'Chat' magazine. Do I
look ok for the photoshoot?"
Seymour signed. "See what I mean? There's no chance you're anything but
Brittany calmed down. But then she squealed.
"What about you? You drink lots of wine! Is that because you're trying to keep
your inner-Hymenoptera at bay?"
"Ma'am. I drink very expensive and very prestigious wines. I do this for the
exquisite flavour, and not to hold back Hymenoptera DNA!"
"Ok" Brittany said. Then paused before smiling. "Ok. We're safe then."
Seymour nodded. "Yes." Then added. "As long as this message was warning us about
Monsoon, and not something else."
Brittany nodded, and looked back at her Facebook. "Hey that's odd." she said.
"Oh yes?" Seymour asked.
"I've just been messaged by someone called 'Aileen Quinn'."
"And?" Said Seymour. His patience for social networking was minimal. "What does
it say?"
"It says.... 'Duck'."
Brittany and Seymour stared at each other, and then Brittany ducked to the
floor. As she did, a bullet smashed through a window and embedded itself into
the back of her throne.
"Some smegger just shot my throne!" She screamed.
"You almost got assassinated!" Seymour shouted, feeling panic pump through him.
There was a crash as the window shattered completely, and one of the Queen's
bodyguards (a fat Mollopod slug dressed like a Beefeater) was thrown in, dead.
<Tag to anyone still on the planet. Who is it that wants to kill the Queen? I
have an idea, but am open to someone jumping in with their own idea. Also who
was it who warned her? There was a clue in the post! >

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