Pancake leaves Bromin

Who: Justin Pancake and John Bromin
Where: Mollopod planet, hospital
<OOC – Sorry John, you didn't reply so I'm going to leave you behind. Too much
to do, so little time! Catch Justin up later though for another JP!>
Justin pushed the robot against the wall, where it exploded and dropped to the
floor. Then as he unstrapped Bromin from the bed, the Plasmoidian asked him; "So
why are you rescuing me?"
"Because you hate Hymenoptera. I might be able yo convince you that they're
John shook his head. "No way. They're killing machines!" He tried to leave but
Justin pulled him back.
"We have to stick together and escape out of here." Justin said.
<end snip>
Justin and John ran for their lives down the hospital corridor, being chased by
a hovering robot.
"" said the robot.
"Like smeg you do!" Called Justin.
They saw up ahead a transporter pad. All they had to do was make it to there and
they could beam to anywhere else on Mollopod.
Unfortunately, John was caught by a Mollopod doctor who jumped out at him. "We
want to study you!" the Doctor said. "We want to know more about Plasmoidians!
And why their skin is only in grayscale!"
"Justin please help me!" John called. Justin looked back and considered stopping
to help. But as he looked at the Mollopod transporter pad, above it was a sign
which read:
"Corridor of Infinite Perversions"
Justin grinned. He followed the sign and stood on the transporter pad.
"Destination?" Flashed at him from a control panel.
"The nearest bar." He said. "Preferably with strippers".
He then had the mental image of a big fat Mollopod lady gyrating around him.
"Err.... Make that thin strippers." he demanded, and vanished in a cloud of
<To be continued. Don't jump in just yet!>

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