"um is anyone ok in there?"

Who:john Bromin
Where: malopod hospital
john was taken into a large white room with a glass wall, behind which several
rather small malopods sat with pen and paper scrawling notes. A rather large
malopod doctor walked into the room as john was strapped down to the operating
"hello class"
the doctor said with a smile waving his hand as he walked up to the table
"hello Dr.killjoy"
The class said as a camera swung down from the ceiling.
"now, for today's show i have brought in a real treat, a plasmoidian"
The class gasped in aw
"now class it has been over six years since the last time one of these has come
to our planet, and after we have dissected it examined its organs, and put it
back together, we'll send him on his merry way"
Dr.killjoy was about to start cutting when one of the students piped up
"dr.killjoy, wont that hurt the patient a lot"
killjoy simply chuckled, and began the dissection process, john passed out
when: a few hours later
a voice rang through johns head
"wakeup solder-boy, its time we make our leave"
john opened his eyes, and saw a man with grey eyes, and a face that had seen
better day's.
"dad, am i in heaven"
john asked perplexed as his eyes focused
"boy, you been hittin' the shock again, its me tom"
tom helped john up, as john took in his surroundings there was a weird green
liquid, and a giant hole in the wall that lead to the outside, there was a green
whily jeep parked outside the big hole on what looked like Dr.killjoy
"i don't want to know what happened, do I tom?"
john grabbed his pack, and put on his uniform
"just a little spring cleaning, nothing you should worry about"
Tom helped john into the jeep, and they drove off.
"tom, can you get me to the throne room, i have to get the king to send some
Tom stepped on the gas, as hard as he could the jeep sped down the street mowing
down malopods as it went
"oh, i forgot to tell you john, there's no breaks on this thing"
tom said as the jeep came round the corner, and hurtled towards the blue midget
"oh great, we're dead"
The jeep went smashing through the malopod forces and into the blue midget
knocking it over, tom stepped out of the vehicle, and said
"we come in peace, searching for the king, to bring news of carnitech, there is
no need to be alarmed"
a voice could be herd from the blue midget
"you idiot, you've ruined everything, my girlfriend is going to die because of
john stood up , and said nervously, looking at the severally damaged star-bug
"sorry,is everyone ok in there?"
<tag pretty much anyone on that blue midget>

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