Justin - Slug and Callous pt2

Who: Justin, Seymour, Queen Brittany
Where: Queen's Throne room, Mollopod
When: After Justin shot the Queen
Brittany's eyes flickered, she was in too much pain to even scream.
Seymour stood over her, pushing down onto her wound to stop the bleeding.
Normally the Royal Ambassador would hate to make a mess of his suit, but at this
moment the blood stains on his suit were the last thing on his mind.
"Seymour." Justin said. But Seymour was preoccupied, he was almost in tears.
"SEYMOUR!" Justin shouted.
The Ambassador's head spun around. "WHAT?!" He shouted. "Can't you see I'm jolly
busy here. She's dying! And it's all YOUR FAULT!"
"Seymour I need you to do something for me." Said Justin. Seymour wasn't paying
attention, so Justin pulled him away from her. "Seymour! The only way you can
save her is to get her to a hospital. But I can't allow that."
"Why not?" Said Seymour. "Why are you doing this?"
"They'll kill my girlfriend if I don't." He said. "What I want you to do is call
Captain Chrysler."
"Good idea. I'll call for the medical Starbug." he said and fumbled around with
his phone.
Justin nodded. "Tell them it was an accident."
"What?" Seymour said. "But she's been shot! How can I make that look like an
Justin shrugged. "Make something up, but just tell them it was an accident. I
don't want anyone getting suspicious."
Seymour called the Blue Dwarf with a trembling hand, and asked for a Medical
Starbug. After, he put the phone down and looked down at the Queen, and then
looked Justin in the face. "The Starbug isn't for her is it?" He said, knowing
that there must be more to this plan.
Justin shook his head. "No." Then he pointed to the Mollopod soldiers behind
him. "These guys are going to fly back up there and round up everyone, and bring
them back here."
"Gosh. Why the bloody hell would you want to do that?"
"They want to start eating Humans again." Justin admitted.
Seymour sighed and rubbed his face. "And you're helping them because otherwise
your girlfriend will die?"
Justin nodded. "And she's not the only one." He pointed to Queen Brittany, who
was bleeding on the floor. "If you don't help, she'll die too."
Justin walked to a window, he could see a Starbug descending from the sky. "Okay
everyone get ready to board that Starbug!"
<Tag to anybody, can you stop us before this small Mollopod army gets to the

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