Efof, Jay, Jayne: "Meeting Cassandra"

Seymours floral wallpaper, his couch was covered in splits in the fabric, the
stuffing poking through, pieces of furniture, parts of the wallpaper and the
carpet were all on fire from the grenade, blood and various unappealing
substances stained various surfaces and all but one of Seymours expensive
decorations, ornaments and paintings was destroyed.
"Y'know…" Jayne said "One day Seymour will carry out his threats and demand the
Space Corp have you court-martialled for letting stuff like this happen to his
"ah who's gonna listen to him.." Jay said "C'mon, lets get to the drive room…"
<end snip>
Who: Efof, Jayne, Jay
Where: Seymour's Quarters
When: After jay + Jayne wrecked the place
Efof walked into the room, looking left and right at the destruction caused.
"Ohhhmmm." He said, fixing his eyes on Jay. "I'm telling!"
"What?" Jay asked.
"This mess." Said Efof. "I'm telling Seymour it was your fault."
Jay stepped forward. "If you've forgotten, I'm the Captain of the ship. Not
him." It just so happens that his quarters was the battleground for a very
bloody skirmish. But we seem to have won the war, and this damage was essential
in doing so. If we hadn't, Seymour's place would be in worse condition.
"Okay." Said Efof. "So what happens if he asks what happened to his priceless
vase over there which is broken on the floor?"
"It was vital in incapacitating a criminal." Jay admitted. "I cracked it over
his head."
"Okay and what about that broken picture frame over there?"
"It was vital in distracting a criminal so that Jayne could shoot him." Jay
"Okay and what about that African fertility statue over there?"
"It was vital in giving a criminal a right good rogering." Jay said.
Efof raised an eyebrow, but said nothing more.
They moved to the Promenade, where the Security teams told them that all of the
insurgents had been dealt with, but they still hadn't found their leader Le
One of the Security Guards started firing down the Promenade, causing everyone
to duck into cover. Gunfire came back, flying narrowly over Efof's head, almost
castrating him.
More shots rang out, hot lead ricocheting around them, forcing Cass to cower
further back into the shop doorway "Smegging hell" she shrieked during a lull in
the shooting "Will you stupid
bastards give it a rest!?"
Another shot pinged off the floor a couple of metres from her "I smegging mean
it! Any more of that crap and we start killing people, because I'm simply not in
the mood! It's me: Jones - I need to speak to the Captain!"
<end snip>
"HOLD YOUR FIRE!" Jay shouted, and walked out into the road, down towards
Cassandra. Efof and Jayne followed him on either side.
"You needed to talk to me?" The Captain asked.
<Tag Cassandra! So what do we do about La Souteneur? Shall we let him get away,
or hunt him down?>

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