Justin - Slug and Callous pt1

Who: Justin Pancake
Where: The Slug and Phallus, the strip club
When: After he met Chloe the stripper, and before he shot the Queen
Justin nodded. He was glad that finally someone wasn't disgusted by his love of
the Hymenoptera. He looked deep into Chloe's eyes.
She was his dream girl.
<end snip>
Chloe leaned over and kissed him gently on the cheek. "I'm so glad I met you
tonight." She whispered.
Justin still couldn't believe it. She was pretty, she was smart, she had a
background in Space Corps training, she was a stripper, and best of all... she
was Human. He couldn't ask for a nicer girl to be interested in him.
He gambled on the next question he would ask. Normally when he asked girls this,
they would run a mile screaming.
"So... do you want to get out of here?" He asked nervously. He waited with
baited breath for her answer, and chewed on his lip.
"Sure." She said. "We can go to my place."
Justin's heart almost somersaulted. He grinned as he started to think of all the
snogging they were going to do.
"But I need to ask my boss if I can leave early." She said. Justin had forgotten
that she was supposed to be working in this bar. She thought for a moment. "Come
with me to meet him. He'll like you."
"To meet your boss?" Justin said, unsure. "Is that a good idea?"
"Oh come on!" She said, pulling him towards her boss's office.
Justin trudged along behind her. He didn't want to talk to a Mollopod right now.
All he wanted to do really was take her home.
She pulled him into an office marked "Blub Phatslugg", who was the Mollopod
owner of this strip club. Blub looked up from his desk, where he was sat
squelched over the chair like a dollop of icecream.
"Ah Chloe, greetings." Said Blub.
"Hi boss. Would I be able to leave early. I've met this nice young man and..."
Justin waved cautiously from behind. He noticed that they were not alone in the
room, there were several large bodyguards staring at them both. Each stared at
him angrily, and he even thought he saw one of them lick his lips.
"Chloe. You have done me proud." He said.
"Thanks. Err... what do you mean?" Said Justin's new girlfriend.
"I always knew that one of these days you'd bring a Human to me." He said.
"Hopefully not as a snack!" Justin joked. But the Mollopods didn't laugh,
clearly it wasn't much of a joke to them.
Blub looked at Justin. "Which ship are you from my boy?"
"Oh... erm... It's the Blue Dwarf. It's in orbit now."
"Excellent." Said Blue, and gestured to his bodyguards. Two rotund but muscular
slugs grabbed him from behind so that he couldn't get away. "Your crew are going
to make quite a few nice meals for my people."
"What's going on? Asked Justin, is this some sort of trap?" He looked at Chloe.
"You've tricked me!" He said. "I knew it was too good to be true, hot girls like
you don't go for sleaseballs like me!"
Chloe's face was innocent, and a tear fell from her eye. "Honestly Justin, I
didn't know this was going to happen. Believe me!" The bodyguards grabbed her
too and put a slimy hand over her mouth to shut her up.
"I thought Mollopods don't eat Humans anymore!" Justin said. "You have a Human
as a Queen!"
Blub shook his head, it wobbled on his fat neck. "Some of us hate the new rules.
We hate having a Human as a Queen, and we really miss the taste of a nice fat
Human steak."
"But we're allies!" Justin said.
"There's a small group of Mollopods who believe we should kill the Queen, and
let things go back to how they were before. Back to when we used to eat Humans."
Blub explained.
"And don't tell me..." Said Justin. "YOU'RE the leader of this group?"
Blub nodded. The fat on his neck wobbled around. "Some people will pay a lot of
money for Human meat these days. So I'm going to make quite a lot of money from
your Human friends in orbit. But first, I need you to do something for me."
Blub explained his plan. "And if you don't do it... we'll kill your girlfriend."
"No, never!" Said Justin. "I've done some stupid things before that have got me
into a lot of trouble, but I'm not doing that!"
A bodyguard put a knife to Chloe's neck and drew blood. She screamed.
"Wait!" Justin said. "Okay, I'll do it!"

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