Seymour - "Fussing over the Queen"

Who: Seymour, Justin, Blub
Where: Mollopod
When: Just after the Starbug landed, but before Bromin appeared
"They want to start eating Humans again." Justin admitted.
Seymour sighed and rubbed his face. "And you're helping them because otherwise
your girlfriend will die?"
Justin nodded. "And she's not the only one." He pointed to Queen Brittany, who
was bleeding on the floor. "If you don't help, she'll die too."
Justin walked to a window, he could see a Starbug descending from the sky. "Okay
everyone get ready to board that Starbug!"
<end snip>
The Mollopod army squirmed their way outside onto the street of the Mollopod's
capital city, where casual passers-by were unaware that their Queen had been
shot by a group of terrorists.
Seymour tried to pick up Brittany's frail body, but her size zero body was too
heavy for his weak arms (or it could have been her heavy earrings). So a
Mollopod guard picked her up for him.
"Put her down at once you thug!" Seymour screamed, and punched the Mollopod in
the arm. His punches were absorbed by the Mollopods fatty skin, and barely got
his attention.
"If you say so." Said the Mollopod and dropped Brittany to the ground, where she
screamed in pain. Seymour rushed to her to make sure she was okay.
"You brute!" He shouted at the Mollopod, and waved his fists in his face. "Have
more respect for your Queen!"
The Mollopod shrugged and picked her up again. This time taking her outside onto
the street towards the Starbug. Seymour followed, carrying Brittany's handbag.
The Starbug from the Blue Dwarf parked across the road in a small grassy area,
unfortunately crushing a memorial fountain with its landing struts. The door
opened and a ramp was lowered, allowing the Mollopod to take Brittany inside.
Seymour continued to buzz around him. Making sure hie precious monarch was being
treated well.
The leader of this Mollopod terrorist group, "Blub", stood on the ramp leading
up to the Starbug and looked out into the crowd of Mollopods who had gathered to
see what the commotion was about. Justin Pancake stood next to him, looking
uncomfortable. Blub put an arm around him. "You really helped today. You've
helped change our world forever."
Justin gulped. He knew this meant that Mollopods would go back to their ways of
eating Humans, meaning no Human would ever be safe again.
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