Pancakes public prattle

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Who: Blub and Justin
Where: Addressing the crowd on Mollopod
When: Just before Blub announces his big plan, and before the Starbug is knocked
Blub took out a device from his jacket pocket and pointed it at the large
Television screens on the skyscrapers around him. "Guerilla communications
advice." He explained to Justin. "Handy for making a public speech."
His face appeared on the TV screens, and all across the Mollopod planet. Justin
sidestepped away so that he couldn't be seen.
"My fellow Mollopods, this is a glorious day!" Blub said. "We have killed the
Human Queen who sat on our throne. She doesn't know what it's like to be
Mollopod. She doesn't share our love of eating Human meat."
The crowd around them looked confused.
"Some of you might have gotten used to having a Human as a Queen. Some of you
might have even liked it." He paused, to gauge the reaction. Some Mollopods
seemed to be supporting him, and some booed.
"But now we can be free to eat Humans again." He said, and paused, expecting a
cheer. But there wasn't one. Instead a boo rang out over the crowd, and people
started to throw things at him.
There was a lone clapping. It was coming from the small soft hands of Seymour
Niples. "Jolly good speech, but it looks like the Mollopods liked the Queen far
more than you realised." he said.
Blub ignored him and faced the crowd. "I thought you'd be pleased!" He shouted.
The crowd continued to boo him.
One Mollopod woman close by shouted "Humans are high in calories anyway!" and
another shouted "Humans give me gas!" a man shouted "I like Queen Brittany,
she's hot!"
It was at that moment that the jeep crashed into the Starbug from the other
side. The green spacecraft's legs buckled and it started to roll over. It
crushed all of Blub's men, and stopped just before it crushed Justin and Blub.
The huge Starbug came to a stop just on Justin's foot.
Blub picked himself up and looked squarely at Justin. "You did this! You
betrayed me!"
"No, no... I didn't..." Justin said, trying to pull his foot out.
"For this your girlfriend will die!" He picked up his two-way radio, where he
could talk to his men back in their HQ.
"Kill the gir-" Justin snatched the radio away, where it smashed on the hull of
the Starbug.
Blub fumed with anger. "You can't stop me. I'll teleport there in person and
kill her myself." He started to run as fast as as he could (which isn't that
fast for a slug) towards a teleportation pad.
"No!" Shouted Justin. He tried to run after him, but his foot was still trapped
under the Starbug.
Justin saw John Bromin get out of his jeep.
"We come in peace, searching for the king, to bring news of Carnitech, there is
no need to be alarmed."
"You idiot, you've ruined everything, my girlfriend is going to die because of
you!" Justin shouted.
<end snip>
Justin watched hopelessly as Blub squirmed towards a teleporter, where he would
beam away and kill his girlfriend.
<Tag John or Seymour (or anyone) can you stop Blub and then get us back to the
Blue Dwarf? I'm not sure why you think it's a king... she's clearly a Queen!>

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