***!Action!*** Lament for a Royal Shakespearean Coffey

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Who: Two Dark, Hooded figures
Where: A darkened room on the Dwarf
When: After retaking the ship
"Are the plans in motion yet?" The first figure said (Henceforth to be known as
'Dryad' *) The figure was standing in front of a large computer screen in a
darkened room. Nothing appeared to be happening outside the room, but the door
was firmly shut.
"It's all going according to plan." The second figure began (Henceforth to be
known as 'Chrys' *) "The recording has been substantially altered. The moment
Niples watches the recording, there will be no doubt in his mind what has been
going on. He will sue Chrysler, and in his new position, he'll have the power
to get his rank stripped."
In front of them, a frozen image of said video hovered. It depicted Jay
Chrysler, current Captain of the JMC Blue Dwarf, aiming a laser pistol at the
wall of Seymour's apartment. Many explosive marks and damaged furniture stood
around him.
"We also have the alteration of his Dealings with the french gang leader, if
this is not enough. Command will change, and we will have our day once more."
"All glory to the Hypno-Toad... I mean... Queen." Dryad stated.
"You've been watching too many ancient cartoons." Replied Chrys, facepalming.
"The Rigged Midget has been sent?" Chrys added, receiving a nod in reply.
Where: The Planet
Who: The Queen, Coffey, Shakespeare, Seymour, Blub
"Get back here!" Seymour called, chasing Blub towards the Teleporter, in an
uncharacteristic show of bravery. "You need to get the Queen to the Dwarf! Use
your Teleporters!"
Luckily, at that precise moment, a Blue Midget arrived and landed next to the
fallen Bug. The door opened, and out stepped both Shakespeare and Coffey.
Never a more dynamic duo in the medical division could one find in short notice.
The Queen's failing body slumped on a stretcher in front of them, they both
grabbed an end, and began taking her in.
"We should profane the service of the dead to sing a requiem, and such rest to
her, as to peace-parted souls." ** Shakespeare lamented, looking down at the
body in front of him.
"Shut up, this is no time for your poetry" Coffey replied. "Besides, she's not
dead yet!"
The door to the Midget closed quickly as the legs brought the Midget higher into
the air, before lifting off with a nowhere near silent "whoosh."
All humans that cared for the queen (read: anyone who reads dirty magazines)
watched in silence as the Midget headed for the Dwarf. To the one place she'd
be saved. Keto's ointments could heal any wound, after all.
"Shakespeare... Did you ever check those boxes in the corner?" Coffey asked as
they sat beside the stretcher, having hooked the Queen up to a blood bag, and at
least bandaged the wound - not that they could do much more in these conditions.
"Nay, these crates are but medical supplies!" Shakespeare replied. "Ahh! We
may have a use for them yet!" he said triumphantly, getting to his feet.
"Please tell me they're not a year's supply of Keto's Ointment." Coffey sighed.
"Nay... ointment it certainly is not fair Hazel. Know that myne love for you
carries across the ages." Shakespeare replied, however sheepishly. He picked up
a small digital clock, and held it for Coffey to see.
"Oh Sme-"
Alas, No such ointment exists that can put together molecules. Before anyone
had even looked away, the Midget lit up the sky like a mighty firework lights
the night sky, sending chunks of blue, but flaming metal across the city.
Silence took precedence over all else for what must have felt like an eternity.
The Queen.... had been killed.
"YOU MONSTERS!" were the words to break the silence. Mollopods jeered at Blub,
blaming him for the explosion. Blaming him for an explosion that would likely
tear apart the Alliance with Earth, and end their chances of getting a free meal
from an unwary human.
<Tag People. Time for you to get your asses off of the planet, to escape before
everything goes horribly wrong.>
* These are shortenings of the latin names for certain kinds of wasp. I
Wiki-surfed from the Hymenoptera page to find them
** Hamlet, Act 5, Scene 1.
Apologies if this post caused you to cry in any way...
RIP Shakespeare, Coffey and Queen Brittany.

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