[JMC_Blue_Dwarf] Wolfgang Sweetsly-I’ll do it

Who: Wolfgang Sweetsly
Where: Engineering
When: During the Mollopod attack on the Blue Dwarf.
---- Snip ----
"Get that sample to Dr Keto, he may be able to analyse the DNA..." Chief
engineer Callum ordered, sending someone in that direction. "We may have a
---- End Snip ----
Wolfgang made his way to Blue Dwarfs engineering after receiving a communication
from one of the Skutters with wild mandible flailing that could have been
misconstrued as being rather lewd gestures.
But after a few moments of threatening to shoot the particular Skutter in
question Wolfgang managed to ascertain that the Blue Dwarfs Chief engineer
Callum had sent out an order for someone to collect a DNA sample.
So without a moment to lose Wolfgang made his way down to engineering.
After finding out who the chief engineer actually was Wolfgang then approached
Callum and said "Good afternoon".
As Callum read from a Computer readout concerning the Wormhole drive he casually
replied "Good afternoon"
It was then that Wolfgang immediately pointed at Callum yelling "Ha he isst di
Wolfgang then crazily lunged at Callum and attempted to seize him.
But luckily for Callum it was then that several other engineers stepped in and
separated Wolfgang from him.
Callum let's move down his clothes and as he did so snapped "what the hell do
you think you're doing, I'm not the saboteur".
"Anyway how do I know you're not the saboteur, show me some identification".
So as the engineers let go of Wolfgang opened his jacket and reached inside for
his wallet and pulled out his ID and then held it out for Callum to see.
"That's not an ID card, that's a picture of David Hasselhoff", said Callum with
a confused yet taken aback stare as he looked over Wolfgang.
"Vat...nein, nein, nein" Wolfgang reaching inside is what again this time
retrieved his proper ID which he showed to Callum and even unnecessarily to
everybody around him.
Callum then satisfied turned round and retrieved the DNA samples he had put into
a test tube like container which he then handed to Wolfgang.
Wolfgang then held up the container to his eye and scrutinised it curiously "vas
is das".
"The DNA" said Callum with an exasperated sigh.
"But isst look like einen purple peanut butter jelly"
"So it's funny looking DNA" shrugged Callum
Wolfgang then gave the container with the DNA one more look before placing it
inside his jacket and turned to make his way out of engineering.
He then later soon arrived at Dr Ketos medical lab after staggering along and
shaking inside of turbo lifts and corridors (even passing a few people who were
walking normally and so gave Wolfgang strange looks as he passed them) as the
blue dwarf shook from the impact of Mollopod attacks against the shields of the
Blue Dwarf.
Wolfgang then with the container of DNA in hand looked around for Dr Keto

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