Cassandra: Party pooper

"'re free to go, but if you so much as write "boobies" on a calculator in
future you'll be paying a visit to the Brig...are we clear?"
"Crystal.." Cassandra said "Thank you, sir..."
Jay nodded, then lost his footing as the ship shook violently.
In the ensuing chaos, orders were hastily shouted and the assembled crewmembers
scrambled to act upon them, leaving Cass watching idly as Jay and the rest of
his cohorts sprinted off to wherever it was that they needed to be in such a
Cass waited until they were well out of sight before she smiled slyly and pulled
her handheld computer out to the sounds of Mr. Butler's rumbling disapproval
"Oh, be quiet" she snapped and turned to walk down the Promenade "Holly? What
just happened there? Give me a status update!"
Holly began an appraisal of the recent events, informing Cass of the dissolution
of the Molopod alliance and the assassination of Queen Brittany
Cass stopped dead in her tracks when she heard this
"Brittany's been killed!?" she asked in surprise
"Yeah, that's right. Bit of a shock for everyone."
"I'd imagine she was pretty surprised too..." Cass muttered, her brow furrowing
slightly "Who else was on that midget?"
"Dr. Shakespeare and Nurse Coffey"
"Oh, that means..."
Abruptly Cass turned heel and shouted back down the Promenade to Mr. Butler who
was standing with his arms folded, regarding her coolly
"I need your assistance Mr. Butler. Come!" she snapped her fingers in the air
and turned again to began striding down the Promenade on her way to the medical
centre, Butler, scowling, trailed along behind her
Keto was alone in the medical centre; he was wearing his purple hat at a jaunty
angle, and standing in front of the main display monitor, a thin smile playing
across his lips
"Play that again"
The ocean scene currently displayed on the monitor blanked momentarily and the
screen flickered back to life to show Brittany's doomed Blue Midget's beginning
its ascent, its short flight abruptly terminating in a blaze of white heat and
molten shrapnel
Keto watched the debris rain back down to Little Cheftonia in silence, a stifled
snort of mirth only escaping his lips once all the glowing fragments of wreckage
had winked out one by one in the black depths of one of Little Cheftonia's
"No more Shakespeare" he smirked "Play that again Holly"
The screen blanked to begin showing the sequence again, but this time his
viewing pleasure was interrupted by the medical centres main access door hissing
open behind him
"What now?" Keto snapped, exasperatedly turning towards whoever had just entered
Curious, he frowned, there was nobody th...
He only registered the movement out of the corner of his eye at the last moment,
and in spite of a late effort to avoid the attack, he was hammered unconscious
by a vicious blow from his unseen assailant
Mr. Butler stared impassively down at Keto's prone form laid at his feet, and
flexed his hand open before curling his fingers back into a fist again.
"All done?" Cass poked her head around the door
Butler just grunted his affirmative as she slunk into the medical centre and
used the Slave system to seal the place while opening the doors to the main
treatment rooms and the dispensary
"Make the good Doctor comfortable if you would, please Mr. Butler; strapping
him down to one of those treatment beds should suffice"
Butler just smirked in response and stooped to catch hold of one of Keto's legs,
which he used to unceremoniously drag him through into one of the treatment
rooms to restrain him on one of the beds
"Make sure you use the heavy duty restraints; the ones they use for the
difficult patients!" Cass called "And if there's any through there, I'm after
medical nanonics - military grade if possible, but failing that any good quality
meds will do"
"Now..." she murmured to herself, her fingers dancing over her handheld "Let's
just edit our involvement out of all this..."
Some time later...
Consciousness swam hazily back to Keto; his head throbbed unbearably, and while
someone had thoughtfully placed a couple of pain killers and a glass of water
nearby, he was unable to reach them on account of his restraints
"If you're responsible for this Shakespeare" he snarled "I swear that this time
I'll kill you myself"
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